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HOAs Have Become A Joke

HOAs have lost their core values. That is, HOAs have become nothing more than cash cows for management companies, who take their quarterly portion of the dues paid by the HOA membership, then... more
Started: April 27th 2008Replies: 0

Code of Ethics...?

What do ''we'' think about HOA's, such as the tightly controlled yet completely voluntary Whispering Oaks HA, who litmus-test candidates for office? Who ''filter-out'' the unclean and unworthy from... more
Started: September 21st 2007Replies: 0

A Neighborhood Alliance

This is an initial step to begin the process of formulating an alliance of neighborhoods within the District 8 area to converse about issues which may need to be discussed and successfully and... more
Started: March 13th 2007Replies: 0

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Contractor_th Home improvements and repairs can cost thousands of dollars and are the subject of frequent complaints. When selecting a contractor: Get recommendations and references. Talk to friends, family and...

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Retirement Savings: Is a Roth IRA conversion right for you?
Irasm The IRA rules around income limitations for converting Traditional IRA money to a Roth IRA have changed. Learn more about the Roth IRA conversion changes and how they might benefit your retirement savings....
What is a Personal Reimbursement Assessment?
Bill As the mail comes, you sort through the envelopes and packages like you always do. Then you see one letter in particular, from your HOA. After opening it, you find an unpleasant financial statement page...
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