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Skiing, backpacking and many other outdoor physical activities are exhilerating for all of those who participate. This holds true for wilderness enthusiasts with visual and mobility impairments just the same as for able-bodied people.

The aim Colorado Regional Ski For Light strives for is to enhance access to mountain sporting endeavors by bringing together both blind and/or mobility-impaired and sighted and able-bodied people who enjoy skiing and backpacking in the Rocky Mountains.

Each year Colorado Regional Ski For Light hosts a fun-filled weekend of cross country skiing and fellowship. Sighted Nordic skiers share their love for the sport with VIPs (Visually-impaired participants) and MIPs (Mobility-impaired participants). Guides learn how to use verbal descriptions and directions to help their VIP or MIP traverse the groomed trails safely and at times with a little grace.

The Trekk for Light offers wilderness enthusiasts the opportunity to share their love of the great Colorado High Country with blind and visually-impaired peoplewith similar interests. The Trekk is a week-long backpacking and camping trip where, like Ski For Light, guides team with a VIP. But a third member of the team is integral to the unforgettable experience of this expedition - a llama! Llamas are hard-working, friendly pack animals who gladly carry up to 80 lbs of gear in exchange for the grazing they do as they gracefully traverse the trails and the much deserved handful of cornmeal they get at the end of each day.

Colorado Ski For Light is proud to sponsor each of these two events. We are equally proud to have maintained our commitment to welcoming beginners - guides and participants - each year. Are you interested in learning more about skiing or backpacking with llamas? If so, please continue reading through this website. We look forward to meeting you!

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