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Mission: To fight all kinds of noise pollution.
To educate  the public about the connection between noise and stress, and how it  lower the quality of life and damages both your physical and mental health. To lobby lawmakers and pressure  the authorities to solve the problem of excessive noise.

But above all we are a militant movement.
We fight  all kinds of noise ...


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Garage turned into a car shop

Hi -   A rental property beside my house is being turned as a car shop.  Different people come and go into this property with their trucks.  They use their tools that sounds like... more
Started: April 16th 2012Replies: 0

ads that promote what we fight

Feb 28, 2008 ?My email to Google (who advertise on the right side- we have no control over that) Dear Sir, I have a site called ''Citizens Against Noise''. Our main fight is car horns. Yet, on the... more
Started: September 5th 2008Replies: 0

churches amplied sound systems

Stop Churches and schools amplied sound systems. This is not a religion issue. It is an issue with amplied sound systems and our right to peace and quiet in our homes. There are noise laws in the... more
Started: May 26th 2008Replies: 0
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