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Mission: To fight all kinds of noise pollution.
To educate ? the public about the connection between noise and stress, and how it ? lower the quality of life and damages both your physical and mental health. To lobby lawmakers and pressure ? the authorities to solve the problem of excessive noise.

But above all we are a militant movement.
We fight ? all kinds of noise but our top priority is to fight the violent, disgusting and stupid habit of honking.

CITIZENS AGAINST NOISE ? (C.A.N.) is an ad hoc militant movement dedicated to the goals mentioned above. We fight ? all kinds of noise; barking dogs, honking, car-alarms, etc.

C.A.N. was formed in Los Angeles in january 2001.
This website was created on April 7, 2001

We were featured ? in march 2001 in the front page of ''The Westsider'' as well as in ? ''The Hollywood Independent''.


? ?  There's a real curse in our society: people honking all the time for no good reason! Initially, the horn put on cars was to signal a danger and the law today says that using the horn is permitted only in case of emergency.
It is illegal to use it in any other way.

All the honking I hear is NOT to signal a danger but rather people who are impatient for example about the car ahead who's not moving fast enough (read 1/10 of a second) after the lights turns green.
The situation has reached an intolerable point !
This is the real safety device !
I don't care if you honk on the freeway but inside the city, especially in a RESIDENTIAL NEIGHBORHOOD, it 's very stressful as this is going on all the time !

It came to the point that we need to ban all car-horns !! And this is our goal !

In the meantime, the police should enforce the existing anti-honking laws.

The police try to stop cruising (like they do on Hollywood Blvd., for example ). Why not try to stop honking ? Put a few officers at some intersection and let them check who's honking (it's even easier than to check the license plate of every car who might be cruising) and give them a fine (not a warning; a fine !)

And there's things you can do on your own: when you're in a car and someone honks at you for whatever reason, just STOP ! Do not listen to them, they are not the police. Obeying them will send the message that honking is working; you listened to them. Don't do that ! Just stop ! They will honk even more but it will be out of frustration; seeing that it doesn't work .
The message you're sending is that honking doesn't accomplish anything. In fact, it makes things worse !
You were going too slow to their taste ? now you're not moving at all !

If you're a pedestrian and you witness someone honking (certainly in a residential area but even in a busy street) you should yell at them and insult them, to make them know that it is unacceptable to have people adding more noise pollution to our already over- noised society. Make them feel guilty. Better yet, throw a stone, do some damages !

The horn has become a way of communicating their anger and impatience.

And since it is meant for a person or car which is only 2 or 3 feet away, why must it be so loud that you hear it 2 blocks away ?
We should force car manufacturers to obey the law. In every states there are limits on how loud a horn can be. In California it is 110 DcB (which is much too loud, it's up from 75 dB a decade or so ago. There was a time when a horn was 55 dB).
However, although the limit is a crazy 110 dB, most car horns today are 135 dB !!!.

The car manufacturers ignore the law, don't give a damn, and legislators aren't doing a thing to enforce this !

Make a law: a car that doesn't comply with the State laws, can not be put on the market.
And we should immediately reconsider the law that escalated the loudness of car horns.
There was nothing wrong with a 55 dB car horn and we should go back to that for the time being.
But again, the real and only solution is to ban all car-horns ! They are useless.


?• outright ban on car-horns.
?• ban on audible car alarms.
?• ban on motorcycles.

Anyone interested in helping can take contact by:
leaving a message in the discussion page.
It is recommended to also send an email at... (to avoid spam the address is given here in two parts:
First part is
second part is:
Put it together of course before sending an email.
P.S: We have no control over the ads on the right side selling horns, etc.
This is generated by a computer who sees we speak about horns and thus advertise for horns.
For more on this, go to the discussion page and read the letter we sent to Google.



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