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President: John  Adams
Vice-President: Esteban Cruz
Secretary: Elva Cruz
Treasuer: Sandra Gamboa
Purpose: SWCA exists to improve the quality of life within our boundaries. We do that by having informative guests at each monthly meeting to discuss our areas of concern - to better empower individuals to use government systems. When that fails, we serve as a link between residents and government agencies. OUR PRIMARY GOAL IS TO RESTORE PRIDE IN OUR AREA.

History: SWCA has been registered and certified with the TX Secretary of State since 1984. It is the oldest organized group in our area, with established ByLaws and regularly-scheduled officer elections. It was SWCA which initially petitioned to get VIA bus service in our area. Over the years, SWCA has painted over grafitti on an untold number of houses, fences, signs, and businesses. SWCA also planted trees at Millers Pond and watered them until they were established. SWCA coordinated with the Air Force to remove the railroad tracks across Old Pearsall Road - to eliminate the morning and afternoon traffic congestion. SWCA worked with City Council and SAPD to get concentrated patrols in our area. For many years, SWCA installed free smoke detectors in area homes; in conjunction with SAFD and other sponsors. SWCA has worked with Animal Control to get routine stray pick-up runs. Prior to important elections, SWCA routinely organizes candidates' forums - bringing the candidates to us - to answer our questions.

In 1996, SWCA initiated and organized the Walk Down Five Palms, for National Night Out. The Walk was a call for the end to crime and gang activity in our area. The Mayor, Councilman, Chief of Police were among the many dignitaries who walked with us. The Walk received much news coverage - which helped other San Antonians realize that there are still many good, hard-working people living and working in our area.

In 1997, SWCA won the first prestigious Mayor's Award at the city's Neighborhood Conference, along with an award for our newsletter. SWCA also worked to keep Pearsall Road from being designated as a truck-access road to Kelly AFB. SWCA also led the effort to raise the priority of the southern access route to Kelly (to be constructed), cutting 10 years off the projected completion date.

In 1998, SWCA led the planning and organization of a free Job & Health Fair at Millers Pond. Again, SWCA won awards for its projects and newsletter at the city's Neighborhood Conference. In 1998-99, SWCA worked with numerous public agencies, government officials, and private companies to try to insure that a Sky Harbour housing development would be a quality effort, bringing more good, hard-working new homeowners to our area. Hopefully, new homeowners interested and concerned with rebuilding our community. This required many special meetings - to learn the facts and then get the correct information out to the residents.

In 1999, SWCA worked numerous projects with the Southwest Independent School District (SWISD). These included:
- a work project, with McAuliffe Middle School's Student Council, to clean up the Millers Pond Kids Playground.
- retaining the paper recycling bin at Sky Harbour Elementary School, which (for the first time) earned the school money.
- conducting an SWISD neighborhood survey.
SWCA was involved in the South San Antonio Chamber of Commerce, planning the Kelly Business Corridor. Additionally, SWCA was involved with the Mitchell Lake Wildlife Refuge Redevelopment, the Southwest Hike-Bike-Nature trail, and is still working the Pearsall Park Development.

This is only a partial list of SWCA accomplishments and contributions. Can you imagine how many hours of volunteer work they required? Can you envision what our area would be like now, if no one had joined together 25 years ago?

Dues & Meetings: Dues are $5 per person annually ($10 for businesses). Meetings are normally the 4th Monday of each month, at 6:30 PM, and are typically held at the Millers Pond Park Community Center. Children can attend, under parental supervision. Meeting announcements usually are frequently made through the two churches on Old Pearsall Road. Additionally, large signs are placed by the Five Palms Shopping Center and at the entrance to the Sky Harbour subdivison.

Ongoing Efforts:
- Monitor Kelly AFB transition and closure plans - to ensure area "livability".
- Monitor city bond projects within SWCA boundaries.
- Monitor city landfill planning and projects.
- Monitor area zoning change proposals.
- Publish and distribute an informative newsletter, regularly.


Check out the rest of our web page - and continue to monitor it for updates. Thanks.

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