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City of Houston water irrigation rates

Posted in: Springwood-Timbercreek Civic Club

Darrell Moxley <>

9:18 AM (8 minutes ago)
to districta, Tori, info
 From: Darrell Moxley <>
Date: Thu, Sep 25, 2014 at 9:18 AM
Subject: Water rates for irrigation meter
To:, Tori Moxley <>,
 I just got off the phone with the Public Works and Engineering dept due to questions about my water rates for my irrigation meter. I am comparing my irrigation meter to my house meter (both 5/8) and they had the exact same gallon usage of 3,000 gallons.
However, the city is charging me $44.65 for those 3,000 gallons. For my house usage, the city is charging me $26.88 for those 3,000 gallons (which includes sewage and drainage). My question is why am I being charge twice as much for my irrigation meter when there is no sewage or drainage?
I am very displeased to hear that I am being charged a flat fee of $24.76 per city council on my irrigation meter and no explanation. I also do not like that this "flat fee" does not appear on the bill and is built into the "water rate". This is deceptive and suspicious.
On top of that, if you deduct the "flat fee", I am still paying approximately $20 for the 3,000 gallons on my irrigation meter, but my house meter shows I am only being billed $11.59 for those 3,000 gallons. This is 72% higher!!!! 
This is an outrage, and I would like to know what you are planning to do about this. I would like to see this on the City Council agenda, and I invite you to come to our Springwood/Timber Creek civil association meeting with an explanation.  
If the argument is I am being charged more because I use more, then charge me the same rate for the gallons I use on this higher usage.
I fear the City is taking advantage of the hard working citizens who care about our lawns and are "gouging" us due to the fact that we might be able to "afford it"???
I would like a good explanation and an action plan on your part...
Darrell Moxley
1526 Bracher
Houston, TX 77055
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