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I was wondering if there was a way that the entire complex could get cable like De Moss condos have. Any suggestions would be good, Thanks.

By John
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To my knowledge, a discussion for the Association to provide basic cable service was discussed by the board in 2002. It was quoted at $2,115 per month. The idea was put on hold due to other needed repair expenses. This is still the reason at the present time. Although we have made a big effort to rehab 6 buildings so far, we still have a way to go. Despite the fact that our insurance premium went up 3 times the amount ($78,000 per year) we have not increased the maintenance fees, but rather tried to save money from other areas such as choosing another cheaper management company and firing an expensive handyman. We still have many needed repairs such as potholes, fence, security issues. In summary, this board has done a lot of improvement this past year. Maybe after we're done with all necessary repairs & rehabs, as well as all other issues in priority, cable discussion would then come to mind. It may not happen with us on the board, but at least we are clearing out the obstacles for future boards. Thanks for your question.

SPW Treasurer

Thank you for replying. I have seen much difference around here, the new renovated buildings look really nice, when will the project on the next building begin?

By john
Next renovation

Next rehab will be for building P, where the fire damage is. We have gone through the insurance claim process so now we'll start the repair for this unit's garage & gutter. Then the same contractor will perform exterior rehab for this building. The potholes will be next as they're in terrible shape.

By James
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