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Parking violations

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SPW residents, when you see a 24 hr warning sticker on your car's windshield, please pay attention to it and please correct your violation as soon as possible.

Previous boards used to give tow trucks the power to tow vehicles immediately without warning. All they need is an obvious violation and a picture. So they saw that as a profitable business and took full advantage of it and towed freely like highway robbery, sometime couldn't even produce a picture and their words always win over a car's owner.

Current board recognized that and put a halt to it. However, we still have to enforce parking violations and we have been bending over backwards to give SPW residents amble time to correct their violations. From my observation, car owners who have been towed were the ones who repeatedly ignored several board's warning stickers, tore it out each time and committed the same violation over and over. How many times does the board have to knock on their heads to say: Hey you're about to have to shell out $200 to retrieve your vehicle from the impound lot. It's YOUR money!

Please read SPW parking rules & regulations, here are some typical parking violations:

1) Parking in a prohibited space such as no parking zones (not in a drawn lot & red painted fire lane).
2) Parking behind garage unattended with garage door close.
2) Parking with expired or missing tags.
3) Parking for longer than the maximum time (more than 3 days at same spot).
4) Blocking someone else's garage or driveway (sometimes by parking behind your garage, your opposite neighbor could not get out). This will get your car towed without warning. If you blocked a driveway during a fire, firetruck has the right to push your car out of the way.
5) Parking too long at 10 minutes 8AM-8PM mailbox lot.
6) Vehicle in unoperable conditions.
7) Commercial vehicles in SPW lots.

If you have an expired tags, or intend to park at the same spot for more than 3 days, and then why not park inside your garage or on the street? The board can't touch your car if it is parked on the street but be sure not to park too close to the driveways (red painted zones on either side of the driveway). Previous boards have had vehicles towed in these zones.

Again, in short, please don't abuse parking violations and please pay attention to warning stickers from the board. We are just trying to save you from paying hundreds of dollars to retrieve your car. We have records of the warning we placed on your car and upon 24 hour or on 2nd violation, your vehicle would be towed without another warning. It's YOUR MONEY you're going to loose folks!!!

By James
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