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Sex offender at # 82 still here

Posted in: Sandspoint West
I still see the person who looks like the sex offender and his girl friend at #82. I don't think he has moved out yet. Maybe he registered a bogus address so people won't find out where he lives. It's a diversion tactic that many sex offenders are using. I searched the web and found this disturbing news topic ''Loosing track of sex offenders'', copy & paste this link to read:

It would be hard for TDPS to check every single registered address, they just don't have the manpower to do so.

So beware & be warned everyone. Sex offenders are not where they're suppposed to be. You just can't trust anyone these days.

By Anna

Anna...I wish that I had seen your post before I moved in on December 26, 2009...the owner of that unit is a 'tool'...and it's meant in the most negative way!! I was textd by Roper on several occasions and harrassed by his mother because I didn't answer my phone when she called me.  These two are not what Sands Point Condos are about, they're only in the business of getting money to fixup that mold infested place and recently, they posted a sign to lease it again!

I was textd by owner, Roper, that he had a family member that lost their job and neded a place to stay. He textd me on the 11th of Dec, 2010, I was told I needed to move out asap! I fixed all the problems that were broken in that unit...3 time for the air conditioner; the water damage left by that previous tenant; leaks in the ac unit over the bath tub and a new garage door (which roper said would not fall on my car)...he's a school teacher at some school, a poor example for children and he is really a "TOOL"...he is Breach of a Contractural Agreement and he will refund my deposit, that's a REAL sorry person.

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