Sandspoint West HOA


Emergency Water cut-off location: At the end of each building

(Some are inside of a unit's patio, shut-off valve is below a regular tap valve).
MUST GIVE 24 TO 48 HOUR NOTICE TO PROPERTY MANAGER OR A BOARD MEMBER PRIOR TO SHUT OFF FOR SCHEDULED REPAIRS (flyers are to be posted in advance at the mailbox area and around the affected building).

Helpful number:
Plumber: TNT Condominium Services  (713)-281-291-0855
                AAA Plumber: 713-462-4753
You can also can Randall management and they would refer you to a repair company (plumbing, electrical). However, management referrals do not mean the Association would pay for your repair cost. Homeowners are responsible for repairs not related to common plumbing/electrical fixtures. Repairs must be done as soon as possible to avoid damaging to common property (walls, floors).

Electrician: MENCO Electric (281) 491-3222

                    Harry (281) 330-4036

Homeowners are liable for the damages if their non-common fixtures caused damages to common property. For example, homeowners are liable for water damage to their downstairs neighbor due to leaking toilet or faucet, etc.

Handyman: For those who know Mahmoud, he is a handyman for Sands Point West.  He is very knowledgeable on repairs but very busy. If you have an emergency situation (i.e, water pipe broke in the middle of the night flooding your unit), first find the valve at the end of your building to shut it off, you may have to knock on somebody's door, and then you could give Mahmoud a call to fix your leak.  I'm providing his phone number for emergency cases so please don't call him for everything unless you're willing to pay him for each service.  Mahmoud (713) 478-8536
Front Door damage: Homeowners responsible. Pre-Approved Door Type: Home Depot - Masonic Indurant Thinlite # 209420; Lowe's - Reliabilt Sunburst # 84133.

Garage door damage: Homeowners responsible.
Suggested repair service:
A Plus Garage Doors - Chris Barcus
Insured, 24-hr service
Phone (281) 491-0651
Pager (281) 605-5233
Typical repair quote: Replace 2 springs, straighten bent track, put door on track, service electric motor: $160 + tax

Please service your broken garage door as soon as possible. It's for your own security! The Board could impose $50 fine after 2 notices of violation and $100 each subsequent months. It would add up to a lot more than the repair spending!

Garage Door replacement:  Homeowners responsible. ACC application must be filled out and returned to Randall Management for pre-approval.  For emergency installation due to security issue, please contact a board member for immediate approval.  Garage doors must not have any type of windows on them. 

Key for mailbox:  Homeowner responsible.  Mahmoud could replace the lock and give you 2 new keys for about $30 (please check with him first).  You could find  a locksmith on your own.  Suggested locksmith: Houston Lock and Mailboxes 713-850-7184.

Key for pool: New homeowner please request for a pool key from your landlord. You could also contact Randall Magement to fill out a homeowner's questionaires and request for a pool key. Once the form is received, Randall will send you a key. If you loose your key, you will be charged $5.  Please contact Kermit James at 713-772-8431 for key replacement.

ACC procedureAll exterior modifications to your property must be approved in advance by the ACC (Architectural Control Committee) of your homeowners association.  The ACC will review your request to make sure that the improvement is consistent with the bylaws, deed restrictions and compatible with the overall character and aesthetics of the community.  Please provide as much detail as possible so that the ACC will properly understand your request.  Without a complete description of your request, the application will be temporarily denied and returned pending receipt of the additional information requested.  After you have completed this form, please return it along with specifications, material samples (if appropriate), plot plans, and/or drawings to Randall Management, Inc.

Satellite Dish: Is to be installed on tripod inside the balcony or patio (that the homeowner has exclusive use or possession).  It is NOT to be installed at any locations that are common properties (such as outside of your patio, or on stairways).  It is NOT to be attached to any building structure including the fence (common property).  If no reception could be obtained, per Sandspoint West Satellite Amendment, the last resort is the satellite dish could be installed behind the chimney and must be attached to the chimney's wood trim structure. Satellite should not protrude above the highest part of the roof and should be hidden from the frontal view of the building.
Please consult Randall Management or a board member for instruction.  If the satellite dish is installed incorrectly, you could receive violation notice(s) and fine(s).  Cable company would usually charge $55 or more for removing & reinstalling at another location, so be sure to get it right the first time. If installed at the wrong location, the Association could send someone to remove the satellite dish and charge back to the homeowner's account.  By installing at the wrong location, the satellite dish could damage common property (wall or roof) during a hurricane.  If the owner damages the roof or exterior, or causes other property damage as a result of the installation, the Association can require the owner to compensate the Association for such damages.

Please read SPW Satellite Resolution and Amendment carefully to save yourself all the trouble!

Caution:  Improper installation of doors, windows, or any other kind of structural modifications (interior & exterior) without ACC or board approval could result in fines or legal actions to be taken against you. 

If you do not have exclusive right to any common property, then do not change or install anything.  Get ACC approval first!  Even your patio is a limited common property.  Ask before modify or it would cost you money and time!


***Please read our parking rules & regulations***
Those who have repeatedly ignored our parking regulations and warning stickers have had their vehicles towed without warning on second violations. Most would have to spend a minimum amount of $275 to get their vehicles back. 

Homeowners usually do not associate with the below contractors, only Randall Management and Board members have frequent contact with them.  The phone numbers listed below are for Board members:

LANDSCAPER: Visionscapes 281-748-5296, Leon Visneau, manager.

: Southern Pool Services (281) 988-6641

SPRINKLER MAINTENANCE: Don Smith (713) 254-4293

EXTEMINATOR: Champions Pest Control (281) 370-5678


TrashPorters, Inc. (713) 733-1600
Service Days: Tuesdays and Fridays
Heavy Trash: Fridays.  Hazardous trash will not be picked up (car tires, paint, batteries, used oil, etc.).  These items should be brought to oneb of the City's depositories. See this link and click on "depositories" or "disposal facilities".  You must bring proof of address when dispose at the City's depositories centers (water. light or phone bill that could be matched to your TDL).  

Recycleable items should be disposed at an approved Household Hazardous Waste Disposal Sites such as one located at the intersection of Westpark and Fountainview, near U.S. Highway 59 South.  This recycling center will accept plastic containers, aluminum and tin cans, B.O.P.A. cardboard, computers and other residential electronic scraps, glass bottles and jars, magazines, newspapers, office paper, oil filters, telephone books, used motor oil, used tires. 

Federal Clean Air Act, bulk items containing CFD refrigerant (Freon) such as refrigerators, freezers, etc., will not be collected for disposal without appropriate residential certification that all Freon has been properly removed and recycled.

Important Note: Please do not change oil on our parking lot. Please do not dispose used oil or coolant into our storm drains. If you are reported, the police or City investigator could issue you a citation for violating City Ordinance. A quart of oil dumped into a storm drain could pollute thousands of gallons of water in bayou, stream and river.  HPD has an Environmental Unit that could haul you straight to jail for violating environmental laws. 

SPW PORTER: Cassandra Van Cleave (713) 995-9081

Please walk your dog on a leash and remember to pick up after your pet as a courtesy to your neighbors. Pet stations containing trash bags are located around the complex. Please give our porter a helping hand!

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