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Entry to River Trails on Seguin damaged bybwreck

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Does anyone know who hit the brick entry into our neighborhood. The person and car who hit or caused the wreck should be responsible for the damaged brick entry and needs to be fixed. This is upsetting to me that The Salado entry was never fixed and we continue with a digress in our appearance of our neighborhood.

If you log in to facebook and go to the link below there is info concerning the damaged brick entry.  The insurance co of the person that did it has been contacted I think.



If that link doesn't work you can log on to facebook and do a facebook search on "River Trails Homeowners' Association".

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Already answered, but fortunately someone saw the wreck and messaged me.  They obtained the insurance card of the vehicle's owner and a claim was placed with the insurance company.


The reason the entrance at Salado was never replaced is due to many factors:

1) The planter/wall was run thru by a drunk driver in a hit & run/stolen vehicle several years ago

2) The only recourse at that point was to include in the claim with the homeowner's wall the vehicle went thru (yes, the vehicle went thru the HOA planter wall, and into the home behind it.

3) The homeowner refused to add to his home insurance claim, I don't blame them because their deductible would include damage to the HOA planter wall.

4) Due to low membership, the HOA can't afford the thousands of dollars to replace the wall without an active claim.  The HOA does not have separate comprehensive insurance to cover uninsured damages to HOA property.  We could get the insurance, but again membership rates are low.


More details are provided in the Facebook pages.

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