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ALERT!  Chesapeake (and now XTO) are trying the compressor station again.  Please login to the RTUNITED i-Neighbors page, or see our Facebook page for more details.  Check these sites frequently, DO NOT RELY ON THIS SITE OR FACEBOOK to send you email notices-FB recently decided to make people pay for all posts to go out on email.  These two operators joining forces represents a brand new and serious threat to our neighborhood!


Save the date March 5th:






From: Melissa McDougall
Thursday Feb 21, 2013 8:42pm


VERY IMPORTANT! Your presence is requested on March 5th at 7 pm. 1000 Throckmorton, City Council Chambers. And it is needed now more than ever before.

You all probably recall that big push to protect our neighborhood two years ago against a 15 compressor station on Randol Mill. The fight beyond our win at City Council that day has continued behind the scenes since then. We have pushed to change the city ordinance and the City finally gave in but, our ordinance change is up against some serious operators (Chspke & OTX) who are opposing the changes. They showed up at the zoning meeting where we barely won two weeks ago. Now, City Council has the final vote on March 5th. We MUST SHOW IN MASSES. We must send that same message we did nearly two years ago and let them all know that we are just as serious about this today as we was then! Remember all the blood, sweat and tears we all put into getting over 1800 petitions signed? Let's not let that fall to the wayside. LET'S BACK IT UP! PLEASE EMAIL COUNCIL YOUR CONCERNS AND SHOW UP! This change is to protect all FW neighborhoods! Bring relatives, friends, coworkers! Please see the flyer for more details of what you can do under links and files.

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