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[See our Facebook page for more info: www.facebook.com/rthoa]


Someone with the rivertrailshoa@yahoo.com address in their address book was infected with a virus. It isn't possible to determine who because of the way these viruses work. Suffice it to say, you MIGHT get an email from rivertrailshoa@yahoo.com that has a link in it without much text otherwise. DO NOT, I REPEAT, DO NOT click such links to avoid being infected yourself. The email did not come from us, but APPEARS to come from us. Just delete the email. Anything that legitimately comes from us will discuss HOA/Neighborhood happenings & news.


IF YOU ALREADY CLICKED: As a security guy, I can recommend a couple of things depending on what/where the fake website link goes. If you were asked for email passwords, change that email password IMMEDIATELY by going directly to that website by yourself. If you were asked for banking information, or other financial info, contact (call) your bank or other company IMMEDIATELY and notify them. Be sure your antivirus software and windows updates are updated.


Going forward: NEVER click an email website link that comes in an email like that. Other tips for an email that looks convincing: look for spelling & grammar errors, if something looks just a little "off", trust your suspicious nature to not follow thru.


Additionally, if you see an email from Yahoo or others asking for account verification and to click a link, NEVER, NEVER, click those links. No legitimate company will ask you to click a link to verify any account information. These emails are seeking to steal account information, including bank account and email passwords. No company will email you asking for any kind of verification or say your account is in jeopardy. None of this comes over email.



Jim Roland

President, RTHA

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