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Recycling Program

Recycling Carts

Recycling carts measure no more than 27.5” wide by 31.5” deep and 41.75” high. Durable wheels allow carts to roll easily over gravel and grass and up and down stairs. Each cart has a serial number that will be recorded with the street address where it’s delivered, allowing the city to track any lost or stolen carts. The carts are the property of the City of Fort Worth and must be left behind if you move. The city will make any needed repairs or replacements, but citizens are responsible for keeping the cart clean by rinsing with a garden hose, when necessary.

Where To Store Carts

The city requires only that carts be stored where they can’t be seen from a public street. Depending on your home, proper storage could be in the garage, under the carport, screened behind a shrub or fence, near a back door, in the kitchen or utility room. THEY SHOULD BE PUT OUT NO EARLIER THAN 6pm ON WEDNESDAY EVENING AND PUT AWAY BY MIDNIGHT ON THURSDAY.

Recycle More, Pay Less

Recycling will play an important role when new curbside garbage service begins in wheeled carts July 3rd. By recycling more, residents can reduce the amount of garbage they throw away. With less garbage, residents may be able to save money on their monthly garbage bill. After using the recycling cart for a while, residents will receive information by mail to help them choose the right size garbage cart for their household. By returning a form, residents will choose a 32-, 64- or 96-gallon garbage cart. The monthly garbage service fee will be based on the garbage cart size: $8 per month for the smallest cart, $13 per month for the mid-size cart or $18 per month for the largest cart.

***You are be able to purchase a green 96 gallon yard cart to hold yard clippings and small brush. The cost is a one time charge of $50 and you will actually own this cart. Pick up will be free.

What can I recycle?

*Advertising Circulars
*Carbonless Paper
*Cardboard- cereal boxes(Liners removed),soda and beer cartons,dry goods packaging,corrugated cardboard, paper towel and toilet paper cores. Large boxes must be broken down to fit in the cart.
*Envelopes-with or without windows
*Junk mail
*Office paper-file folders, letterhead,sticky notes,printer paper, calendars,and school papers
*Paperback books
*Paper bags
*Phone Books

Please rinse. All colors accepted. Labels are OK.

* Bottles,cups,jars, food trays, tubs, and bowls-with #1-#7 recycling symbols on bottom of container;remove caps and lids and recycle
*Plastic eating utensils-clean

Please rinse. Labels are OK.

*Aluminum drink cans-do not flatten
*Aluminum baking tins-clean
*Steel or tin food cans and lids
*Empty aerosol cans-leave spray nozzle on-remove plastic lid unless part of the can
*Steel paint cans-must be empty and dry: a thin skin of dry paint on bottom and sides Ok;remove lids and recycle

*Bottles and jars-remove lids and recycle
*Mirrors-must fit inside cart with lid closed
*Windowpanes-no auto glass

Do Not Recycle

Household trash
Aluminum foil
Auto glass
Drink boxes and straws
Pizza boxes
Hard Cover Books
Light bulbs
Paper milk and juice cartons
Plastic grocery sacks
Styrofoam cups, formed packing peanuts
Waxed paper and waxed food containers
Yard trimmings
Plastic containers that held hazardous materials such as motor oil, paint, pesticide, or weed killer

Posted by rtha on 02/08/2004
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