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For RTC-TH Technical articles on self-sufficient/sustainable agriculture e-mail rtc2k5@gmail.com

For GERC-AI information, email ki6gig@arrl.net

For RTC-TH EmComm information, email hs0zhm@gmail.com

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RTC-TH Technical Page

This is the web site archiving  lessons, technical papers, and some admin reports of the Rural Training Center-Thailand (RTC-TH). Information presented here relates to the RTC-TH technical and training materials and international projects.  [Monthly Update reports can be found at our main RTC-TH website http://www.neighborhoodlink.com/Rural_Training_Center-Thailand/pages.]

These materials are available for personal use or for classroom use by teachers free of charge -commercial purposes for nonprovided: 1) the RTC-TH is given full credit for copyright ownership, and authorship; 2) the RTC-TH materials are used without alteration; 3) the RTC-TH materials are not compiled or publication or sale (directly or indirectly) or reproduced without written permission of the RTC-TH.


Some of he major archives are briefly described below.  For a complete listing visit the Pages & Links of this website.


LAGS / ESSI/RTC-TH International Volunteer Projects

The RTC-TH began as an international volunteer project in northern Thailand under the auspices of the Los Angeles Geographical Society (which allowed the use of its name and non-profit status to raise funds for the initial project in 1999).  It was this conducted as a Earth Systems Science, Inc. international environmental volunteer project.  As the project succeeded and expanded, it was spun off as a separate entity   [Status: Currently there is no active LAGS or ESSI collaborative activities with the RTC-TH.  “New” postings to this archive may occur as past project materials are recovered and archived.]

FFI International programs 2005 and before: email earthsystemsscience@yahoo.com

International programs after 2005 email rtc2k5@gmail.com

Community-based Education (Cb-E)

This teaching /  learning approach supplements traditional classroom education.  Cb-E empowers individuals and families to take an active role in their education and that of their children.  The methods involves making learning a life-long process and encourages learning by teaching back (sharing what you learned with others).

Applied Geography

Geography is the core foundation for the RTC-TH and its diverse lessons.  Geography is not a well understood discipline.  The Geographic Systems Model is a systematic approach to seeing the world and leads to insights of the inter-relationships of natural phenomena to improve our view and appreciation of the environment.

Emergency Preparedness (EmPrep)

The section is an application of Geography for geo-hazards perception and preparing for natural disasters.  Examples for these lessons are drawn from the local area of northern rural Thailand in the vicinity of our demonstration farm.

RTC-TH Demonstration Farmkey

Lessons and articles on the demonstration farm to apply the King's Theory .  The key progams for this effort are  S.O.I.L (Saving Our Independent Livelihood) and P.L.A.N.T. (Personal Learning and Natural Teaching).  Many of the lessons for those programs are integrated with REEEPP (see next topic below).  It is also useful to visit the main website and look at the Index of the RTC-TH monthly update reports for more current information about the farm.

RTC-TH Rural Environmental Education Enhancement Pilot Program at Na Fa Elementary School (REEEPP )

The Rural Environmental Education Enhancement Pilot Project at Na Fa Elementary School lessons are on file here.  They are available for free use provided the RTC-TH is properly credited for their authorship, the lessons are used as is with no alteration, and they are not reproduced and sold for profit or cost recovery without written permission from the RTC-TH.  [Status: Current and ongoing.]  FFI: rtc2k5@gmail.com

 RTC-TH EmComm / EmPrep / GERC-AI

The RTC-TH Emergency Communications (EmComm), Emergency Preparation (EmPrep), and the Glendora Emergency Response Communication-Auxiliary International files are archived here.  [Status: New start up activity for 2010.]

FFI: RTC-TH EmComm email hs0zhm@gmail.com

FFI: GERC-AI email ki6gig@arrl.net

FFI: GERC email n7yla@arrl.net

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