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GECO: What We Do, Who We Are

Welcome to the GECO site.  We help and support amateur radio operators in remote rural areas.  They often have no opportunity for emergency communications training.  Many are not members of any official emergency groups.

It is a long standing amateur radio tradition for hams to help in emergencies.  GECO provides hams with minimalist emergency communications (EmComm) training.  GECO methods and materials are no cost / low cost and robust.  Its suitable for impoverished villagers in high risk areas.

We also provide materials and training for MEWS (Mobile Emergency Weather Service).  When disasters hit remote areas, helicopters are the first help to arrive.  A ham trained in MEWS can report weather conditions FROM the disaster area.  This can improve helicopter flight safety.  Weather data is also used for relief planning.  A MEWS trained ham has value added to their role as an EmComm radio operator.

GECO advocates that people prepare for their own rescue.  Just because a remote village is on a map doesn't mean emergency relief workers can get there.  Disaster relief may involve emergency relief personnel unfamiliar with your locale.  GECO uses applied geography to help local villagers prepare for their own rescue.  Villagers give this information to local emergency agencies. Disaster survivors who are pro-active are more resilient.  They are less likely to suffer anxiety and depressionafter a disaster.

Our audience are remote rural villagers.  So we keep things no cost / low cost.  We use things off-the-shelf.  We make things using locally available materials. re-purposed, recyclable materials.  We use appropriate / adaptive technology.

GECO is an all-volunteer, informal, people-to-people, community-based educational organization.  We work on mutual respect, mutual benefit.  No one is paid. We don't chase after grants.  It is too easy to spend other people's money. Costs are met out of our members' pockets.  So we are very frugal.   If you want to support our efforts, you are welcomed to join us.  Donations are considered.  We are not a registered non-profit.  That takes time, effort, and money away from our main work.  Instead, join this website.

Roll up your sleeves, put on your thinking caps, take action.  We need help in proofreading and beta testing lessons.  We need help translating completed lessons.  When the need arises, we need volunteers willing to travel aboard (at their own expense) to train hams. Help us to make the world a better place.

We thank Neighborhood Link for this free site.  We encourage other community organizations to consider getting and using a free Neighborhood Link website when serving their communities.  FFI: http://www.neighborhoodlink.com/setup/overview.html


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