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Recent burglaries in our neighborhood

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Due to the amount of burglaries in the neighborhood in the past few weeks, we would like to getn the civic assn started again.


I'm not sure if ANYONE even looks at this website anymore...but it's a start. If anyone would like to know details, please address this topic and hopefully we can generate the interest in making our neighborhood a safe place to live.

Hello Nancy Drew,


This is in response to your recent post about burglaries in the neighborhood.  Yes, I'd heard of a couple close by to where we live and had looked up the Columbus police Web site to confirm....there's not many, thankfully, but more than a couple recently.  It prompted us to buy an alarm system.


I personally commend you and anyone else who is working to on the civic association.  We saw that there was a meeting last week, but unfortunately weren't able to attend.  However, we'd be interested in learning more about the civic association (we were members at one time, but I don't know what happened).


We moved to Park Place in 2003, and by and large we really do love living here for many reasons.  I get upset about trash in the streets (I posted on this a couple of years ago, and my wife and I continue to pick it up on walks through the neighborhood) and yes, some properties could be better maintained, but you're going to have some of that almost anywhere, I believe.  But enough like minds can certainly maintain Park Place as the great neighborhood it is.


Thank you for the chance to comment.  I hope to learn more about the civic association.


Mike M.

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