Park Place Civic Association


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Hello.  I currently live in Park Place west, where we have no CA.  I have a few comments I wanted to run direct to peoples attention.

Has anyone noticed the neighborhood (PPW) becoming a bad place to live?  Let me state the following that make PPW a place not to live in:

1. Disregard for deed restrictions

2. Garbage cans left in front of houses

3. garbage stored up in a backyard, or driveway

3. Vacant houses that have not been up-kept for months

4. Occupied houses that hve not been up-kept for months

5. Advertisement signs everywhere

6. light poles that need to be repaired

7. Subdivision signs that need maintance

8. wood fences that have collapsed, and thus are just lying on the ground

9. rented houses

I won't go on any further, as you can see I am venting.  I guess my main concern is that in today's world, it must be too difficult to take the slightest bit of pride in your home, not to mention your neighborhood.  Most of the residencies in PPW have an "ego" attitude, thus making it impossible to form a CA.  Thanks for your time.

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