Park Place Civic Association

Trash in Neighborhood

Posted in: Park Place
I've lived in our neighborhood for over four years now, and it's easy to love living here, for many reasons. There's one other issue, though, that would make it even better if we would only take a few minutes to attend to it every couple of days. That is, picking up the trash along our curbs, curb strips and in our streets. This is a problem in many areas, but we seem to have more than our share. My wife and I often pick up a large amount of trash on walks through the neighborhood, but it seems within a few days there's more. Not only is it unsightly, but I believe it definitely hurts the values of the homes when prospective buyers pass through. But we can solve this -- just take a few minutes every day, or every couple of days, look along your curb, your curb strip, your yard, and pick up what doesn't belong there. If you have an elderly neighbor, take a few minutes and pick theirs up, too. It wouldn't take much, and it would make a huge difference. Let's keep our neighborhood as nice as it can be. Thank you for taking your time to read this.

By Mike M.
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