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Mother Wants Daughter's Killer B

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Mother Wants Daughter's Killer Brought to Justice
Nearly 11 years have passed since Tracy Harkness was found beaten to death inside this Grove City apartment. November 6, 1992 was a horrifying day that changed her mother's life forever.
Tami Bowling, Victim's Mother: ''I remember back then just laying on the couch and just saying to God I have no reason to live anymore.'' Tami Bowling wants the killer to be caught for the sake of Tracy's daughter who was just 18 months old when her mother died.
There were no signs of forced entry into the apartment. And police have ruled out burglary as a motive, because a crime scene photo shows Tracy's purse was left untouched. So, investigators call this a crime a passion. Det. Cindy Ackison, Grove City Police: ''It was a very brutal crime. A very personal crime. She had over 36 wounds. Over half those were fatal wounds.''
They're hoping that more DNA testing will eventually lead to an arrest.In the meantime, Tracy's mother has this to say to the killer, ''If you did this and you're watching. Get it off your conscious and go tell.''
Crimestoppers is offering a $2,000 reward. If you know who killed Tracy Harkness give them a call at 645-TIPS.
Sunday, October 12th
Man Killed by Hit Skip Driver
As a self-taught artist, Jerome Jackson--or Jay, as he was known by his friends, had the natural talent to paint a mural in less than an hour. He had just started working for Skunk Worx, a custom bike shop on Columbus' East Side. Bruce Mullins, Skunk Worx Owner: ''He had talent beyond talent. Always worked never had any trouble getting him here to work on anything like that. In just three and a half months he became a good friend to everyone here.''
On September 14th, Jay was walking home when he was struck and killed on Brice Road at Interstate 70. Weeks later Columbus police still don't have many clues in their search for the hit skip driver. Det. Jeff Brandt, Columbus Police: ''Assume that the vehicle is a larger vehicle. Perhaps a sport utility vehicle. Or possibly a semi truck.''
You can see this is a very busy road during the day. And there's even traffic late at night. So there's a good chance that someone saw the vehicle that killed Jackson. So now Jay's friends are making this appeal for help, ''If you're out there whoever done it, give us a little piece of mind. If it was a an accident or if it wasn't. It would be great if you'd just step up and let people know what happened to Jay.''
If you can help, give Central Ohio Crimestoppers a call at 645-TIPS.
Sunday, October 5th
Thief Uses His Head in Pawn Shop Robbery
Tonight Columbus police are looking for a robber who just might have a very large bump on his head. What happened when a man walked into a local pawnshop, surprised even veteran police officers, ''I've never seen it done before.'' It happened August 19th at the Fast Cash Pawn Shop on James Road.
The man pretended to be a customer browsing for a gold necklace. Det. Gerald Milner, Columbus Police: ''He looked through the glass counter at a number of pieces of jewelry. Finally he decided on one. And the sales clerk must have taken him as somebody who was actually going to buy something.''
He asked to try on the necklace and then instead of saying he'd take it, he took it and ran. But standing in his way was a locked glass door. Turns out this thief had a real head for crime.
''I wouldn't consider him armed and dangerous. But obviously his head is a lethal weapon. Or could be.'' So the thief got away with an expensive gold chain and no doubt a splitting headache. And this might not be the first time. ''He's suspected of being involved in other thefts in the area. And perhaps the long sleeved shirt was to cover up tattoos.''
If you can help police catch this headstrong robber, call Central Ohio Crimestoppers at 645-TIPS.

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