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Blasting Damage

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I?’ve received a couple of reports of people experiencing some blasting damage to their houses as a result of the construction taking place behind the old Bookstar/Belle Meade theatre building (where the new Harris Teeter and it?’s underground parking garage are going in). Worse yet, I?’ve heard that the insurance company for the construction project is denying claims for the damage they have caused. I thought it may be a good idea to begin a discussion thread on our neighborhood website where those battling this problem can discuss what is happening and hopefully a group effort can be organized through either political or legal means or possibly by getting the media involved.

I live at 120 Kenner Avenue (green house). I took before and after blasting pictures of my home because my walls and ceilings are finished in plaster. I have documented proof of cracks that occured during and immediately after blasting occured. I would like to be included in any efforts to fie a claim for repairs.

Tammy Flanagan
120 Kenner Avenue
Nashville TN 37205

By Tammy Flanagan
Typical Process

Claims like this happen on almost every job in Nashville. If they?’ve followed the usual practice, the contractors will have done preblast surveys on all buildings within a certain distance of the site. Those surveys will include written and photographic descriptions of buildings near the site. Contractors will also have used seismometers to measure vertical and horizontal accelerations of ground surface (shock waves) and compared them to permissible limits. Claims are almost always old cracks never noticed by homeowners prior to start of nearby construction.

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