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The Lincoln Center Mission Statement:

''The Lincoln Center will provide a safe, caring, and supportive educational environment where students can achieve their maximum potential. We respect and value the dignity of each individual in their pursuit of learning.''

The Lincoln Center is the newest special education program in Wyandotte. Currently, we have 156 students, ages 8 to 26 years. We serve all the Downriver communities, providing an educational program for the T.M.I. ( Trainable Mentally Impaired), S.M.I. ( Severely Mentally Impaired), and S.X.I. (Severely Multiply Impaired) students. We are housed in three different locations. Our principle 'home' is in the old Lincoln Middle School building on 18th Street. There are eleven S.M.I. and S.X.I. classrooms there. We also have two T.M.I. classrooms at Wilson Middle School and three T.M.I. classrooms and one S.X.I. classroom at Roosevelt High School. There are 17 classroom teachers, 33 classroom paraprofessionals, 4 one-on-one paraprofessionals for individual students, 1 C.B.I. paraprofessional, 2 speech therapists, 2 physical therapists, 3 occupational therapists, 1 school nurse, 3 one-on-one nurse's, 1 school psychologist, 1 secretary, and 1 program administrator. We also share 1 adaptive gym teacher and 2 music therapists with Madison School and a social worker with the Jo Brighton Center.

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No Pit Bull Ordinance

I had inquired in an earlier post if there was an ordinance against pit bulls in Wyandotte. One person thought there was, others didin't know, so I wrote the mayor. He responded to me that there is NO... more
Started: March 16th 2004Replies: 27

old Stores of W&.

Do you remember all the little mom and pop stores that use to be in the city, You had Kales market on eureka between 15th and 16th and around the corner from them was Joe Deere's party store, Old joe... more
Started: January 28th 2004Replies: 70

Pit Bulls

I have read two incidences lately of problems with pit bulls in Wyandotte. The first incidence, one was loose and threatening someone. The second incidence involved a police officer and his police... more
Started: March 7th 2004Replies: 9
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