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I saw something at a friends house on YouTube that might be entertaining.  This person had taken a spaghetti strainer and a couple of Bungee cords and set up a Squirrel-a-pult.  It was like a big slingshot for squirrels.   He baited it with a peanut and when the squirrel got in he set it off and it scooped up the squirrel and sent him flying 30' into the air.  I bet that squirrel didnt come back into that yard again.

Haha, I've got to find this video... sounds a little cruel, but just the thought has me laughing outloud. 

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 Yes, we've had squirrels in the attic and are well aware of the dangers of chewed wires. Placing wire mesh (chicken fencing) over attic vents  keeps the squirrels and other wildlife out.  Keeping your yard free of pet droppings, garbage, and cutting the grass is also a rodent deterent. it's a win/ win situation.

There are many raccoons in the area that have been keeping our block free of rats and mice for the last 5 years. There are also a few birds of prey in the area.  Nature will balance itself with out any help from us if it is left alone to do so. 

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