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Spay Neuter Release (SNR) is a program accepted  across the country as a way to deal with feral cat colonies.  If you can catch, spay/neuter, and release them, you can reduce the growth of the colony.   It's humane, it's all many are able to do to address the problem, and it reduces the rate at which they can multiply and the suffering that results from so many animals without proper care.

Memphis' Animal Protection Association at 324-3202 can provide info on low cost spay/neutering services.


I live on Leatherwood and my tabby Tom Tom, although fixed and clawless, has been abused in the past by a neighbor whom wouldn't leave a name.  She just called to tell me she was punishing my cat for killing squirrels and chipmunks.  I personally do not see the problem in this, as my yard at any given time has at least 10 squirrels and I have paid out thousands in damages when a squirrel last summer chewed through a MLGW line into my house and all my appliances exploded!!  Sorry, but I could use a few less squirrels, not to mention the landscaping costs it would save me!

 And if I ever found out who that lady was that hurt my kitty, she better watch her back.

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For the record I will call the cops on anyone I see abusing a dog or cat and do all I can to have them charged with cruelty.  The squirrels are a different story.

I must agree with the previous poster,  squirrels can be very destructive pests.

Does anyone have any good suggestions to keep them out of freshly planted flower beds or out of your containers...the love to dig up plants and seedlings !!

On my Grandmother's advice I have sprinkled so much chili powder on my plants that my yard smells like a Cajun restaurant and it has to be done again after rain.

Any other ideas to make your yard un-attractive to squirrels and chipmonks??

I have heard of this for chipmunks, although somewhat cruel.....  It might work on squirrels as well:

Take a 5 gallon bucket and fill half full with water, maybe a little less

Float sunflower seeds on top of the water, lots so that you don't see any water

Take a 2 x 4 and put a long screw through one end so that it sticks out the other side making a "hook"

Hook the 2 x 4 on the bucket making a ramp to walk up

Place sunflower seeds up the ramp

Check daily and discard any dead chipmunks or squirrels and reset ramp with food

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