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RLW,  I appreciate your unusual suggestion but it would be easier to lace a bowl full of sunflowers or peanuts with poison if I wanted to kill all the little buggers.

(I may have to resort to something like that if they get too bad)

I admit I saw the first baby squirrel today, so that adds to the current over population in this area.  1 squirrel in the yard is cute,  9 turns into a problem.

I am going to stick to the chili powder for now since it works a little bit.

For the you prefer them fried, grilled or baked??   


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Alright people- cut it out on discussing ways to harm animals.  It still shocks me at how many people have so much disrespect for the life around them. And I bet most of you sit in church every Sunday and you have NO repsect for any of the creatures God created.

If you wanted a completely sterile environment with no life other than humans, perhaps you should reside in a hospital, corporate office or a nursing home.  I hear there are homes for sale in Bartlett , Hickory Hill, and Collierville too. That area of the world is almost stripped of life. Maybe you would be happier there.

This area is a treasure because of the park like environment. Love it, or Leave it to those of us who value every inch of it.

I have never tried the bucket method I suggested.  It was one I discovered on the internet a year or so back when trying to find a way to get rid of them from the house and garden. 

And the poster previous to me might feel differently when he has to replace every single electronic device and appliance in his house because a squirrel chewed the MLGW wire.  You want to know how much it cost me??   Over $20,000... that's one F'n expensive squirrel.

I'm just glad one of my dogs and my cat seem to love chipmunk or squirrel for dinner!  My 2/3 acre lot holds too dang many of them!

And squirrels and chipmunks forced us to add a clause in all of our landscape contracts that says any damage caused by animals, domestic or wild, will not be something we replace plants for.  We see customers loose so many new plants to these rodents. 

I agree that one or two in the yard is nice to look at and they serve their purpose, but in our neighborhood they have lost all natural predators and our natural balance is WAY off.

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My mom has a great orange cat who actually eats squirrels, unfortunatley she lives  in the Balmoral Neighborhood, so it's a bit far for him to travel. I would say some big male cats would be the best squirrel hunters.

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