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I read Charlie Busch's comments in the June INC newsletter.  After you wade through the whole thing, it sounds like she's afraid of noisy, peeping-tom college students living in carriage houses in her neighborhood.


Students like to be able the walk to classes, so this might be a worry within two blocks of a campus, but not in West Wash Park.


Anyway, young people are great to have in any neighborhood, and shame on her for using that as a reason for not wanting carriage house zoning!   What's the real reason?

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Niccolo Casewit is getting impatient:






Piccolo says:

be a YIMBY, be for ADUs!... Map'em NOW!”


The NEW CODE is being written for the next 50 years.  As a community, we need to wrap this up!  (5 years is long enough. To the Folks at CPD: get the details right, and burn the midnight oil)

The Mapping is still mismatched with the vision and the existing contexts and community needs ….. “ADUs are on the menu,  but are not being served for all”. (My folks & mi Amigos in Barnum are awaiting the “NEW MAPs” version II from the City of Denver.
Looking for clarity, economic stimulus, and neighborhood preservation and reinvestment)



Niccolo an active member of Denver’s Friends of Grannyflats Advocate ADUs across the city because they provide so many benefits to individuals, families, and the community:


-Homeowner and Renter Flexible Housing Choices.

-Neighborhood Preservation and Re-investment.

-Environmental, Economic, and Social Sustain-Ablity.


It’s the “New Accessory Dwelling Revival: Find your own interpretation of many possible, and wonderful building forms of Accessory Dwellings which fit traditional neighborhoods perfectly!!!! Carriage houses, cottages, and casitas can be used for family members, care-givers, creative work spaces.


Accessory Dwellings are an effective way of providing affordable rental housing and supplemental income to homeowners. The benefits are multi-generational and can help root an “extended family” lifestyle in desirable neighborhoods. It’s actually a very personal choice why you might want to consider having your own accessory dwelling.


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