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Please contact Jinjer LeVan, Director, Greenshire HOA at (210) 658-5237 or by email at if you have any questions or need any information regarding the Greenshire HOA. 

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The Greenshire Subdivision was established in 1986 as a residential subdivision with incidental office, retail and commercial development, when a Declaration of Covenants, Conditions and Restrictions (DCC&R) was filed by the owner of all the property. This "Declarant" Mortgage Corporation of Texas, a subsidiary of San Antonio Savings and Loan (SASA), eventually sold some property to Vaughan Homes (Greenshire Oaks and Greenshire Estates). In 1988, Mortgage Corporation and Vaughan Homes jointly filed a Re-stated Declaration, which combined the deed restrictions of Greenshire Oaks, Unit One plus the property on which The Estates was built, together with all the other property within the Greenshire Master Plan area.

The Greenshire Homeowners Association was chartered with the State of Texas as a non-profit corporation in January 1989, shortly before SASA was declared insolvent and its properties turned over to the Resolution Trust Corporation(RTC). In 1994, Laredo Greenshire Ltd, purchased the property and as successor Declarant, renewed the process of development. The Woods and the Meadows of Greenshire began construction in 1995. Two sections at the FM 3009 entry of the original subdivision, now called The Ridge and The Hills, were originally zoned for business use, but were re-zoned to residential and annexed under the Restated Declaration in 1997. The Park and The Emeralds were developed by KB Properties and all construction has now been completed in the subdivision.

The Greenshire Homeowners Association was re-activated by Laredo Greenshire in 1994. The Greenshire DCC&R states that all Lot Owners automatically become members of the Homeowners Association upon receipt of a deed to a lot in the subdivision. This requirement continues with every subsequent update to the DCCRs.

The Re-Stated Declaration of Covenants,Conditions and Restrictions of the GREENSHIRE SUBDIVISION establishes the rights and responsibilities of all Lot Owners. Members in the Greenshire Oaks Section are also still regulated by certain portions of the original
Declaration on Greenshire Oaks . The Estates also has its own Declaration. The GREENSHIRE HOMEOWNERS ASSOCIATION is a non-profitTexas Corporation. The Bylaws of the Greenshire
Homeowners Association corporation explain the rights and responsibilities of the Members of the Association.

As a Lot Owner and Member, you will be required to contribute to the common expenses through annual ssessments, obey the rules and abide by the restrictions designed to maintain Greenshire Subdivision as a first-rate community. In return, you will have the opportunity to become involved in the operation of your association by voting annually, serving on committees and the Board of Directors, and by participating in community functions of your choice.

Within the Declaration, there are also use restrictions, maintenance requirements and Architectural Restrictions which were established to protect and enhance the value, desirability and attractiveness of the property within the subdivision. For example, "...No boats, trailers,campers, horse trailers, buses, inoperative vehicles of any kind, or other vehicles or associated equipment of a recreational or commercial nature shall be parked or stored on any Lot unless properly screened from public view in a manner approved in writing by the ARC." (Art.8, Sec. 8.04) Potential Lot Owners should have reviewed these restrictions prior to purchase.

By accepting a deed to a lot in the GREENSHIRE SUBDIVISION, you, your family, tenants or invited guests agreed to abide by these restrictions.

To ensure that the common property is adequately insured and maintained, all Lot Owners (including the Developer and Builder) are required to contribute to the expense of upkeep, administration, taxes and insurance (see Declaration Article 5, Section 5.0 3).  Assessment rates are established on the ownership of each lot. The Board of Directors determines the assessment rate based on the approved budget and announces the assessment at least thirty days prior to the first day of January of each year after the first year.

Upkeep, maintenance and repair of the common areas, including landscaping.  Payment of utilities used on the common areas.  Taxes assessed upon the common areas owned by the Association. General hazards and liability insurance on property.  Directors and Officers insurance covering the Board, Officers, Committee members, and volunteers based on their service to the Association.  Costs of management and materials used in the corporate, financial, and administrative affairs of the Association.

All Lot Owners have one (1) vote on each matter coming before the Members at any meeting (unless their voting rights have been suspended by the Board of Directors).  The Board of Directors is elected by a vote of the Membership at the Annual Membership Meeting.

The Association, through its Board of Directors, may bring an action at law against any owner for failure to abide by the covenants, conditions and restrictions established in the Declaration, the Bylaws and/or any corporate resolutions adopted by the Board of Directors.  Legal action can also be taken against any owners for failure to pay assessments for which they are personally obligated, and the Association may foreclose the lien against a lot (even a homestead property) for non-payment of assessments, fees and costs. Interest will be charged on delinquent assessments, and legal fees, court costs and other costs of collection may be added to the amount of the assessment. No owner may waive or otherwise escape liability for the assessments by not using the common area or by abandoning the property. This ability to enforce the collection of assessments assures that all owners will share equally in the expenses of their Association.

Although the Association is primarily responsible for maintenance and upkeep of common areas, it also provides the organization to support the social needs of the residents of the Greenshire Subdivision with community holiday events, garage sales and contests. Your Association can also become your point of contact with the City of Schertz which provides various city services to the subdivision.

Greenshire HOA is an automatic membership homeowners association comprised of 563 homes. The Board meetings are held on the 4th Thursday of every month, except the months of November and December, at the GVEC Headquarters Bldg on Curtiss Ave. in Schertz at 7 PM.  Members are encouraged to attend.  There is a segment at the beginning of the meetings called "Members to be Heard," in which members may address the Board with their specific concerns or questions. The Association has a number of active committees which oversee landscaping, newsletters, Architectural Review, Covenants compliance, Holiday Decorating, and finance/budgeting. There is an active Welcome Committee which delivers information about the neighborhood to all new owners. The Association completed a project to name and add signs to all the sections of Greenshire so that everyone is clearly a resident of the Greenshire subdivision although their individual area may be the Hills, Ridge, Oaks, Woods, Meadows, Estates, Emeralds or Park.

The Association maintains the greenbelts, median strips, and tree wells, as well as taking care of the lighting at the entries and the watering of landscaping at the section entries. The Board is made up of five (5) members, all residents of the community. The Architectural Control Committee is headed by Jinjer LeVan, 1504 Red Cedar Cove, Schertz, TX 78154, and all applications for changes to improvements must be presented to the committee prior to the start of construction. Contact Mrs. LeVan at 210-658-5237 or my email at regarding applications.  If you have any questions regarding the Association, please contact the Board of Directors.


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