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Our Mission Statement

The mission of the Glendora Emergency Response Communications group, herein known as GERC, is to unite those amateur radio operators who have a common interest in communications, specifically to provide training, support and encouragement to radio amateurs who wish to serve as emergency communicators for the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints (LDS).


The Glendora Emergency Response Communications  Net and Roundtable meets Thursdays at 8:30 pm local time, see the Calendar page of this website. On the first Thursday we meet at 2121 E. Rte. 66 in Glendora at 7:00 pm in the primary room at the rear of the facility. Informative presentations on ham radio and preparedness related to emergency communications are among the many topics that are offered. Visitors welcome!  Our Net frequency is 145.525 MHz simplex. All hams are welcome! 

Join the GERC Net for worldwide communications!  


All licensed ham operators are invited to check in to our Thursday 2030 hrs (Pacific Time, UTC+8 PST / UTC+7 PDT) GERC Net which is held 145.525 MHz simplex.

FFI: GERC coordinator, Jim Dowdle, KG6TQT at


SCIRA repeaters are open. Please use them. Nets are not permitted.

During an emergency SCIRA repeaters will be used to pass only emergency traffic.

Location, Frequency, Offset, PL, Type of Station:

• Alta Loma, CA. , Winlink (1) 144.970 MHz K6BRK-10 on 24/7

• Bakersfield area to be determined

• Bishops Central Storehouse Mobile Command Unit, battery powered, Near the 15 & 60 freeways, HF, VHF and UHF radios and antennas. Can be deployed during an emergency. Winlink Station (1)  144.970 MHz W6CTR-10

• Contractors Point 3,500 ft, 445.160 MHz  - PL 151.4  W6CTR Sylmar,CA.

• Eagle Tower 6,300 ft., 445.700 MHz  - PL 151.4, K6AMS Running Springs, CA.

• Fresno Area, 145.250 MHz  - PL 141.3

• Fountain Valley Storehouse, to be determined

• Jobs Peak 4,800 feet, 146.910 MHz  - PL 151.4 Crestline, CA.

• Los Angeles Storehouse, 445.940 MHz  - PL 151.4 Soto Street and 5 Freeway

• San Diego Storehouse, 445.940 MHz  - PL 136.5 Mercury Street.

• Snow Peak  8,000 ft., 445.160 MHz  - PL 151.4 Banning, CA.,Echolink W6CTR-R, Digipeater (2) 144.970 MHz W6CTR-7

Note: Eagle Tower, Snow Peak and San Diego Storehous are radio linked.

(1) Winlink is a worldwide radio messaging system that mixes internet technology and appropriate amateur r-f technologies. Email with attachments, position reporting, graphic; emergency messaging.

(2) Digipeater is a station that does digital repeating. Unlike full-duplex VHF/UHF voice repeaters a digipeater will receive a packet, process it, and retransmit on the same frequency.


For the latest information, and to become a member please visit our website:  SCIRAINC.ORG

Revised J. Dowdle   February 2014


"It has been said that in times of disaster, information can be as important as food or water." - FEMA Citizen's Guide to Disaster Assistance

Copyright (c) 2004-2015 Mark R. Hayden. Updated: December 11, 2014.

®  Echolink is free software available at









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