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Our Neighborhood (Flowers of Marengo) is a residential neighborhood, zoned "RS-6" except for Summit Avenue which is zoned "RM-12". A "RS-6" zoning means single family
residential, up to six houses per acre - however many existing lots have existing "back houses", and many of the existing lots are smaller than 1/6 of an acre. The zoning is such that these existing non-conforming structures and lots may remain, and the structures can be replaced if destruction is caused by accident or natural disaster. Otherwise, no new structures or lot divisions may take place that would be non-conforming to the present zoning and codes.

RM-12 zoning means multi-family residential, up to two units per lot, however many of these existing lots have 3 or 4 housing units on them, and in some cases there are up to 12 units on one lot. As with RS-6, these units may be re-built if destroyed by accident or natural disaster, but otherwise new structures must conform to present zoning and

There is one property within our boundaries that used to be used for a neighborhood store. This property has been un-occupied for over three years - thus can no longer be used for a store (as it is in RM-12 zoning). This property is listed for sale, but there has been little interest as it is a very small corner lot, and set-back requirements to conform with the zoning code would make the lot almost impossible for construction of a reasonable house. The existing store building was built in 1915, but is not considered historically significant. It is possible that the existing structure can be used as a home, but it will take substantial remodel and refurbishing.




About our association



OUR PURPOSE I. Build a safer, friendly comunity while preserving our rich ethnic diversity. II. Meet our neighbors and assist one another. III. Unite our voices and efforts to obtain results that can't be accomplished as individuals. IV. Create an "attractive" neighborhood and be a catalist for change. V. Partner with neighboring associations to reach common goals.

Flowers of Marengo

A Neighborhood


We Meet the Fourth Sunday of Each Month.

Mark Your Calendar.

Watch for Our Flyer.

Come Join Us!

About Flowers of Marengo

We began our neighborhood association in September 1997

with the goal of building a safer, friendly community

while preserving our rich ethnic diversity.

Our geographic boundaries are:

Marengo Avenue between Penn and Tremont;

Flower between Marengo and Los Robles;

Atchison between Marengo and Garfield;

Tremont, between Marengo and Summit, and the

East side of Summit between Penn and Tremont.

Garfield, between Atchison and Flower

What We Have Accomplished


Our initial concern was to make the neighborhood safer for our youth as they walked to and needed to reduce the volume/ speed of traffic, especially along Marengo Avenue. We were successful in having ALL Way Stop Signs installed at three intersections: Montana/Marengo; Flower/Marengo; and Penn/Marengo. We will continue until our goals have been met.

Meeting Our Neighbors

We held our first annual neighborhood party in 1998, and about 50 adults and 20 children participated! It was a potluck, so we had wonderful home cooking to go with the BBQ chicken and hot dogs that we cooked. People met neighbors for the first time that they had lived near for years. Children had a great time jumping in the large tent we rented. All children helped to break up the piñatas and to enjoy the candy and prizes.


We participated in Pasadena Beautiful Day 1988 by launching two projects.

(1) We identified the first three winners of

Flowers of Marengo's Good Neighborhood Yards

and awarded plants that one of our members donated as prizes.

We will continue to identify Good Neighborhood Yards

quarterly and award winners with plants.

(2) We initiated our monthly cleaning of debris,

broken glass and trash from the

Washington Middle School Marengo sidewalk.

We meet the first Saturday of each month

@ 8:00 A.M. @ Penn and Marengo

to sweep rake and clean the area.

Occasionally, a neighbor needs help with their yard: raking, pruning,

neighbors who need occasional assistance, we have begun to provide a neighborhood team to assist. Call if you need temporary help or want to suggest a neighbor who could use some help. Let us know if you are willing to help!

Benefits of Attending Flowers of Marengo Meetings

(4th Sunday of Each Month)

Meet your neighbors

Help to build and shape your neighborhood the way you want it to be

Build a safer & friendly neighborhood

Help improve the looks of the neighborhood


About Pasadena government and political activities

About local opportunities for you and your family,

such as summer camps or youth job opportunities

Ways to protect your family and your property

How to improve property values throughout our neighborhood

About threats to public safety and economic welfare of our neighborhood

Current Goals & Activities

Our primary goal remains to

build a

safe, friendly & attractive neighborhood

Among our other goals we hope to accomplish:

Establish Neighborhood Safety & Disaster Plan

Appreciate Our Diversity and Differences

Continue Annual Party

Expand Our Boundaries

Improve Neighborhood Lighting

Improve City Services To Our Area

Improve Our Financial Base

Establish By-Laws

Establish Tax Identity

Reduce crime

Improve Property Values

Add your goal here

For more information, please call

Robert Wittry 791-7974

Margaret Baxter 797-5536

Judith Saunders 797-4820

Herman Calderone 79-9462



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