An Historic Day in American History - January 20th 2009!

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The election of Barack Obama as the forty-fourth president of the United States is the greatest milestone in our history.  On November 5 we woke up to the realization that the most influential man in the world is also the first- African-American president.

 It is now winter in America and not just in the seasonal term.  Our economy is in a freefall and is as bad as 1929 when the stock market crashed and the banks closed their doors.  Our new President has inherited a felled economic system in America with high unemployment, foreclosures of homes at record levels, small and large businesses closing, and our banks seeking government bailout after bailouts.

 We all have our own economic problems as individuals and as family members.  I have never seen America in this situation before and it will take years to pull out of this.  Our new President is proposing printing money to solve our problems by putting over 750 billion dollars into our economy to help jump start us back to the road of economic recovery.

 We are in deep global recession that will take years to come out of.  I say this to each of you so that you really understand the true nature of our national problems and how it will effect you and your families.  We must all dig down deep within our souls and intellect to survive the historic economic downturn in America.  The jobs you have today may be gone tomorrow, that is the reality of it, plain and truthful.  You must ask yourself, I am I prepared as an individual to survive tough times in America.  We must reach out to each other as friends, relatives and help each other as never before.  Be true to yourself and those around you. 

 Understand that America is still the greatest country in the world! Our greatest strength is the people within it.  We have the inner will and power within ourselves to change the course of history in America, because we are a great people. 

 January 20th 2009 represents a major shift in American political policy.  Change has come to America but it will not happen overnight.  We must all realize our individual responsibilities toward making our lives better for ourselves and our children. 

America is great! but change is coming, we must all believe in ourselves and do all you can to help our country be great once again.  We must think in terms of collective economics and political harmony. 

We will prevail, to lead the world toward economic recovery through hard work, sacrifice and commitment towards changing how we do business in America.  We must understand that we are our brothers' keeper and help each other as never before. 

We must live for the present and the future and know deep down within ourselves that change is here for a better America for all of us. 

America's historic day on January 20th 2009 says to every American that our dignity and destiny are in our hands.

Ernie Mixon - January 16, 2009






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