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Lorna Ward

I’m currently the chair of Empowerment Congress Central Area Neighborhood Development Council. I have resided in this community for over thirty three years, the Northwest area of this Neighborhood Council. I raised a son, Richard Ian Ward, and a daughter, Helena Shivaun Taylor, along with my two nephews, Carlos and Vincent Mc Gruder.

Lorna is a very determined expressive hardworking and persuasive individual when given good cooperation and she generally gets things done. Lorna is a caring and sharing individual with a strong and mature personality. She is a member of several organizations which deal with service to others. Those organizations are Y’s Men International through the Crenshaw Y Service Club; the National Coalition of ESEA Title I Parents and other educational associations. She believes the youth are our future but has not determined the best action to jumpstart them to realize their potential earlier than right now. “There are more of them than adults and they do not vote so they may be left in the park instead of being included in the mainstream.”

Lorna retired in 2002 from the City of Los Angeles having worked in the field all over from Canoga to Harbor City to Eagle Rock to Venice Beach. She held many positions in various bureaus in the department of Public Works. Public service runs in the family with both parents ending as teachers and began working for the City of Los Angeles. Richard Ward is a Major in the US Army after graduating from West Point and Helena has continued the family ways by working for the City.

Lorna has been on the council since 2005 and busy working as an independent business woman. She envisions great things happening for this neighborhood council in the future. With the help of the stakeholder, she sees an annual Jazz Festival probably at Jackie Tatum Harvard Park, holiday celebration maybe with Lights, but definitely with ECCANDC Banners and the world as our Oyster.

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