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I am new to the area and love it. We live on Eastern Pkwy., and it's obviously a great place to live and raise children. However, right next door to us, two men live next door and have absolutely turned their wraparound porch and yard into a junkyard. We wanted to just chat with them about doing a little something, but then we found out that one of them has a pretty bad temper and has been abusive to the other at times. We don't want to make this man angry in any way. There are obviously other issues with these two, who I believe are brothers, but the yard and house are the worst. They go junk collecting and literally pile everything all around the property. They also hang dirty towels and blankets on the fence between us, and clothing in one of the trees. One of the men may be developmentally disabled, and we understand that he may not see how unsightly this is, or that it may be unsafe. But what do we do? We are semi-afraid to even call the fire department because the short-tempered man may find out we called and become angry. I know this is a huge, complex question, but if anyone can give advice, we would appreciate it so much.



They may be breaking some code enforcement laws through the Department of IP&L.  You can call into MetroCALL to send out an inspector.  This can be done without leaving your name or any contact information.  IP&L inspectors drive around and do find things on their own so it not too unbelievable that they could get cited by one just driving by, so it may not come to them thinking that someone HAD to have reported them.

Forgot to give you the number.  MetroCall is 574-5000 (or you can just dail 311).

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Why dont you just mind your business and leave people alone sounds like they were there first and she shouldnt move into a place if she doesnt agree with the neighbours beforehand

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