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Whis is everything in Jarrow Ct?

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Converse Ct. is the ideal place to hold meetings due to its size and nearby parking. We tried planning to host Oktoberfest somewhere other than Jarrow. We encountered too many issues limiting our choice.
Street lighting & parking, the need for large open grassy areas was taken into consideration. Hopefully the info in this discussion will better provide understanding why events are hosted in Jarrow Ct.

The majority of officers & volunteers live near near Jarrow. We store all the association's equipment & supplies. The officers personally own several more canopies, 10+ tables, 40+ chairs, karaoke equipment, 3-4 bbq grills, & outdoor mobile fire-pits. These are things the officers lend the association at no cost, for our neighborhood events. Transport, set-up, clean-up & return transport of these items alone requires 10+ volunteers, time & trucks/vans. The officers in Jarrow are willing to open their homes for use of their bathroom facilities during short events, like Oktoberfest. The officers in Jarrow also volunteer free use of electricity to power event needs + use of trash cans to stow trash and clean-up.

Hours of volunteer time saved rather than convenience is the reason for the event location. Your officers need you, our neighbors to understand the enormous responsibility involved with hosting an event. It is not so easy as a simple decision. The prep, planning, meetings, campaign for volunteers, fundraising, and so much more goes into countless hours of hard and fun work. Hopefully now all can understand how much effort and hard work your officers put into hosting neighborhood events for our community. We want everyone in the Coventry to come, be part of and enjoy the fruits of our labor.

More & more neighbors are becoming interested and actually getting involved with association business and community activities. We have received limited numbers of responses for volunteers to help, or get involved in some areas. Active volunteers in all areas combined over 4 months time, has grown from 0 to 20-40 neighbors at any given time. We attribute this to replys of support, appreciation & many positive comments. Neighbors are excited about the new changes and fun and want to be part of our revitalization efforts. Neighbors are communicating with each other more, mending fallen relationships, caring and looking out for one another, and many are finally finding out what our association is truely all about. Personally, I have witnessed our community spirit coming alive for the first time since I have lived here.

The officers & committees have & still are working very hard, volunteering countless hours to benefit our community. We hope our neighbors continue spreading the good news, so every member of our organization becomes educated and informed of our mission and purpose.

With all of this said, your current officers hope to be re-elected on November 11th. We all want to continue volunteering our time serving you as a shareholder (so-to-speak) in our not-for-profit corporation. We want to be part of making our neighborhood the most sought after place to live in the Hilliard/Columbus area.

Please show your support by coming to the November 11th HOA officer election meeting. We look forward to seeing you as well as meeting those neighbors we have not yet met. Your officers look forward to all replys to this discussion.

Sincerely your president,
Chris Canter

By president, Chris
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