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The Coventry Civic Association is a not-for-profit business that operates on a fixed budget and files and pays annual taxes just like any other business. It has a board of trustees, made up of officers, annually elected by the members of the community, to oversee and execute the transactions of this business.

The Coventry Civic Association was started in 1990 as a result of the requirements set forth in the deeds for our subdivision. The developer of The Coventry, Ryan Homes, created the deeds and all deed restrictions to ensure an appealing living environment for our subdivision. Part of the deed created our civic organization to maintain the front entrance landscaping and sign area of the Coventry, the collection of annual dues and to ensure the deed restrictions are adhered to in order to maintain our property values.

Over the years, our association has been active with the residents of The Coventry. We have maintained our neighborhood to the standards set forth in the deed, and have served as liaison for the residents in different issues. Our association has also been involved in the planning of surrounding developments to make sure our concerns are heard by those planning new expansion in the Hilliard/Columbus area. In addition, our organization holds a yearly block party in which all the residents come together for a party. This is a great opportunity to catch up with neighbors in a different part of the subdivision, or to meet new friends.

As stated above, the deed was created by the developer of The Coventry for the homeowners in this subdivision. All owners of each of the 193 homes in all 3 phases of The Coventry subdivision are included in the 3 deeds and its restrictions and are automatically members of The Coventry Civic Association upon purchase.

A summary of the deed restrictions can be found on this website. This list is only a summary of the official restrictions included in your deed. Please refer to your official deed for the exact legal wording of the restrictions. Enforcement of these restrictions is one of the primary responsibilities of The Coventry Civic Association. It is our hope that informing residents of these restrictions will help prevent violations of these restrictions. Our focus is on prevention, but a deed violation enforcement policy and procedure and a violation reporting form has been created and placed on our website for all to use when it becomes necessary to address issues that community members feel are negatively affecting our property values.

The restrictions listed in our deeds are in effect until the year 2018, at which time they are automatically extended for 10 year periods by vote of the members of the association. There has been discussion regarding combining all 3 deeds to create 1 universal deed. It has been questioned whether or not this can legally be done. The legal answer to this question is Yes. The deeds can be changed and/or combined with a 2/3 majority vote from the entire 193 homeowner Coventry community approving the new document.

One final part of the association is our annual dues. Residents that hold ownership of their Coventry property on or before March 15th are responsible for the current year's dues payment. Dues are used for official association business and activities which include: maintenance of the front entrance, enforcement of deed restrictions, neighborhood communication, committee support, neighborhood social functions and children's activities, legal expenses and other business expenses necessary in the execution of the duties of the board of trustees. The president and the treasurer are the only 2 officers duly authorized to spend Association funds. Dues are outlined in the deed and are a requirement of every Coventry homeowner.

Also listed on this site is a list of association's activities, committees, social functions and opportunities for the residents of The Coventry to "Get Involved". Please review these and contact one of the officers or neighborhood representatives for more information. We hope you will be able to participate in our organization in some area that interests you.

What would you like to see on The Coventry's website?

If after review you have not found the information you are looking for, please email this information or your suggestion to We will try to accommodate your request as quickly as possible. The officers want to hear from you. What can we do to make this website better? We are always looking for ways to improve our site. We welcome your suggestions.

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