Barking Dogs

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I agree, people have a right to peace and quiet in there own home. You dog owners act as if everyone else is rude to not tolerate your dog. I do not give a $%@#$ if you are TRYING to work with your dog. especially you people who leave the house and assume that dog is quiet. Even if the dog only barks at other dogs or the wind for that matter.. .. How about I pull my car up into your front yard and randomly turn the alarm on every few minutes and especially at night or when you are trying to have a nice quiet evening in your home. Since you own the dog you do not notice how annoying the barking is. So all of you dog owners that think even the smallest barking is acceptable, then let me bring my car over and I will set that alarm off at all hours and see how you enjoy it. You see my car alarm is sensitive, it may even be a rescue car alarm and not know better, so that means you should just tolerate it! Right?

Everyone thinks they have to have that DOG! It blows my mind that the law does not take this seriously!!!!! So if I am having a party and the music is loud, the cops would run right over!!! How about we record all of these damn barking dogs and put the recording in these officials' offices and bedrooms to hear non-stop!!!

I am sure these people who make these laws live in a nice big house that does not have close adjacent neighbor's. Come live at my house and sleep soundly(not) and see how you feel about the tolerance and laws concerning barking dogs. If it is ok to let your dog bark and be a nuisance then it sure as heck is ok or me to bring my car alarm to your front yard. How could any of you stupid dog owners feel someone is being rude to ask for peace and quiet in there home!!! Why should anyone come to you dog owners first!! It is very very very rare to have a dog that does not bark when left outside!!! You know they bark, I don't care if it is not in excess to you the dog owner, it is to me in my home!! I guess my car alarm in your front yard does not seem excess to me while you sleep or are trying to watch a movie, eat dinner, read a book in the peace and quiet OF YOUR OWN HOME!!!

Also any of you dog owners that walk your dogs and do not pick up after it.......... I would love to find your address and nicely place the dog $%&^ in your bed so your feet smear in it as you try to relax and enjoy your space. The park, sidewalk etc. is my space too, I shouldn't have to have your dog's ##^* on my feet!!

Do I sound angry, yes I sure as $%^#$% am!! My home, my public park.... not enjoyed due to stupid people and there dogs!!!!!!



Your "neighbor who has the issue"...really??!!

16 months???  how about 16 days???

"Fix the issue??? soon as possible...16 months????


You are in a delusional have no "inner voice that tells you right from wrong.


16 months????as soon as possible???


You're sympathetic??? NO YOU"RE NOT!


Valuable neighbor to who? You sound like an asshole.
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