Barking Dogs

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That's weird. When I called the police on my neighbors dog(s) they directed me to Animal Control. I wasn't fortunate enough to have cops tell my neighbors to shut their dogs up. Your situation sucks and sorry to hear about your husband. On the other hand, I have not one care in the world why a barking dog keeps barking day and night. What I do care about is being able to have peace and quiet when I am at home.

Wow this sounds all to familiar ,I happen to be a retired fire chief 19 years, a captain for 11 years a engineer for 17 years and a fire fighter for 1 year. All in deferent departments and I am 45 years old, this was my retirements present from a asshole with no sack , I guess that's why he could not walk around the corner and come talk to me after 18 months. I even took the time to introduce my self during one of his late nite Party's with about 60 people he was throwing and blaring music all nite, he told me he would turn it down and I said don't worry about it, it doesn't bother me, shot I might have a load party some time. Nice to have met you. WELL GUESS WHAT HAPPENED 18 month later when D.S. Decide to video tape me for over a month in my back yard with a hidden camera ( disabling my dog) because they knock my wife down and she hit her face on the side of the stucco house and got knocked out, we're was your camera then D.S. you would think a couple of insurance ( AGENTS) would know a bit about civil rights lmao. WELL I DO!. And yes the dog house I was building is coming along great, thanks two are surveillance experts , who could not read in Gelnco Georgia, it a funny thing I bet know body on here knows my father who is a retired Customs / AGENT or what ever you want to call your self. Wow what bull shit this was over barking dogs, thanks D.S. that means DIP CHIT. thought you might under stand the spelling better. This story is all fiction and does not reflect my views on anybody or race, I quess what I'm saying is yes grow a sack , go to your nebiours, have a cold brew and talk before you try to cost people thousands of dollars and trouble them and you , that you both don't need. Because every dog has his day. Lmao,that ending is pretty funny. Your resident REDNECK, THANK YOU ALL,
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Out with the old barking dogs and now in with the new ones..  Has everyone lost common coursty?  New people havent even moved in yet but had the decency to leave their dogs there out side over night, to bark and everything they hear including the wind.. These are wose then the last people who had big dogs and became unfriendly to us,  when we asked them to silence their dogs.Who barked all day and all night wheather they were home or not.  I mean their home is set up no different then ours with the master out the back near the back yard..  Now we have lil dogs who hear/see me near my window so bark at me.. I too have a dog and would never leave him outside to bark and annoy my neightbors. Especially when Im out of town. I do the responsible thing and get someone to watch him..

Well I predicting the new neightbors to not like me either since I wont tolerate their dogs any more then the last.. WELCOME TO THE NEIGHBORHOOD..


Talking doesn't help. CCC Animal Control doesn't help. There's not much to do for barking dogs. I filed a complaint, following directions. A letter went out. I logged all barking. I filed a second and third complaint. Logging all barking. I submitted a records request. Apparently the 4 small dogs - 2 mixed Pugs & 2 mixed Chihuahuas do not have a vaccinations or licenses on file. Following up with a letter to the Deputy Director, Roderick Golphin, there is nothing else that CCC Animal Control can do. There has to be more than one household that makes the complaint. The dogs run against one side of the yard/home (my side) and there are horses as our neighbors in the back. The other neighbors are too 'polite' or don't hear a thing. You know the saying 'Be a good neighbor'. Here's the kicker, I marked my yard to have the 'Lawn to Garden' conversion for the drought 'save the planet' landscape done. I need the utlities marked (call before you dig) with the flags. I placed a large sign on the gate, next to the neighbor's, where the dogs run & bark, that reads "Notice for Workers: The Neighbor's Dogs Are Left Unattended in Their Back Yard & Bark Non-Stop - Just Ignore". That should frost them. I am going to start to complain that I cannot get workers in my back yard 'cuz they think it is my dogs. I own 2 large rescue Labs. They don't bark at the fence, 'cuz I trained them not to. Belive me, if anyone thought it was my dogs barking, I'd hear about it, 'cuz they are 'BIG' dogs. Like I said 'Be a good neighbor'. CCC Animal Control is a joke. Let your dog license expire. Let your dogs bark. There is not much they can do to you. There is no reason to license your dog, nor get it vacinnated. CCC Animal Control does not enforce the laws 'cuz they don't have the staff. Call them, that's what they will tell you. No joke.

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