Barking Dogs

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Again, unless you can write here in intelligible English, I see no merit to anything you say. In fact, I have read your post 5 times and cannot understand a single point you try to make. It would help if to didn't contradict yourself over and over again. Pleeeesssssseee! Make some sense. You are beginning to sound like a nuisance animal.

  So sorry I have poor typing skills so I did not bother with proper grammatical form. Just for you  I will make sure to add periods and form complete and proper sentences and paragraphs to the best of my abilty .I did not anticipate a hater !

  Please feel free to read the first line in the post again I in no  way suggested this mans dog was a problem animal .I simply stated if an animals  behavior could be defined as being a nuisance animal by county definition the owners should understand and comply to the local ordinances .Ignorance of the law is no excuse. Feel free to look up the nuisance animal definition outlined in the Orange County Ca. ordnance that addresses barking dog complaint procedures,you might be surprised by it .

  By the way please is not spelled that way haw haw . I didn't notice any remarks on the original posts errors . Apparently you have appointed yourself forum moderator .In all fairness complete sentences would have made my post an easier , more intelligible read .Please feel free to attack my level of education , or lack of anytime it makes you feel better . After all that is the point of  this forum right ? I did not see a problem with addressing more than just the issues I had with that post . and after all I am just to xxxx stupid to figure out how start a new post ! I might make more sense if my neighbor did not throw his dog out every night at 10:00 pm and allow it to bark basically all night . I hope this post is more to your standards.TRUTHFULLY EXCEPT FOR THE FACT YOU PROBABLY DO NOT AGREE WITH MY VIEWS  . WHAT IS THE POINT OF YOUR PERSONAL ATTACK ? Forgive the all capital letter sentences , my typing skills are weak and I did not notice my error until I finished typing them .


One more thing ..Californiacondo... You really need to be sure that your accusations are correct and verifiable. You may think you have it right, but you could be terribly wrong. If you are wrong, and the person you go after has the funds (and it usually is impossible to tell that in advance) this guy could make you life a nightmare. Yes, it's easy to get the police or animal control involved. But if they find you in error, they will run away from you like you were diseased. You will end up with no one to back you. And if the person you have accused is of the mindset - remember small claims court in most states is for claims less than $10k. If the guy can hire an attorney, he will drag you into the court where the big kids play. You can count on $50k in legal fees to defend your actions. Even if you win, that money is not recoverable. Just watch out!

Please sue this gentleman for alleged harressment .I would love to here the outcome of the suit . I might be wrong but I think to sue someone for harressment you are required to present proof of harressment , and to win damages you are required to prove said damages from the harressment . By your own admissin you can not prove your dog is not barking  . The person you bring suit against only has video tape your dog barking at late hours out an one of those two am potty breaks . Or get other neighbors to give testimony that your dog does bark at  on your outings then use the definitions outlined in the several laws that actually define what constituts a nuisance animal as proof  that you are not being harressed and his point are valide . You lose and by vurtue of you losing your case you brought leave yourself open to a counter suit easily provable damages both actual and compesitory . So again he who acusses me of making no sense read your own posts and relize you are the angry person whos statements are driven by your inabilty to accept that people are not just out to get you .Most people just want to sleep at night .Not have there sleep interupted by  sum idiot walking a dog that barks even once at 2 in morning .Legally they have that right .Acording to the dog whisper Ceaser Millan if a dog has to be walked in the mildele of the njght there owners are feeding and or water at improper times .or the animal would not need to be walked . You and other owners with your same selfish attitudes are the problem .Not the people you are victimizing with your denial that your conduct is uacceptable and should be modifide . My hopes are that you can understand my points and resoning on this subject . I f not please have a non dilusonal friend explane it to you , but I doubt you are able to comprehind the facts and leave the emotions out of it .

One more thing before you go off about the fact I hit send before I proofed my post is do to the fact that I am really tired find it imposable to sleep when the dog next door that does not non stop but does bark just enough to get all the other dogs in area barking , and that only takes a few barks .

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