Citizens for Law Enforcement Acts Reform

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CLEAR is comprised of concerned citizens, whose purpose is centered on redirecting the focus of today's law enforcement officers.


At CLEAR, we feel that the attention of Law Enforcement Agencies across the country has drastically shifted from an attitude of “Protecting & Serving” the general public, to being uniformed collection agents for the local government.


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I give credit where credit is due

My faith in humanity was renewed today. A nice officer tried to help me today. I couldn't believe it. My wife and I were on the side of the road trying to get a phone number off a real estate sign. We... more
Started: August 19th 2010Replies: 0

Where’s Robinhood?

Today’s police state is reminiscent of the days of old, when the Sheriff of Nottingham would ride around the country-side collecting revenue, at the tip of a sword. No one was safe from the... more
Started: August 19th 2010Replies: 0

Coxswains Needed - Jacksonville Rowing Club

Do you know someone who rowed competitively in College or High School and would like to get back into it?    The Jacksonville Rowing Club is looking for Coxswains who can be... more
Started: June 6th, 08:32 AMReplies: 0
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