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Citizens for Law Enforcement Acts Reform

CLEAR is comprised of concerned citizens, whose purpose is centered on redirecting the focus of today’s law enforcement officers.

At CLEAR, we feel that the attention of Law Enforcement Agencies across the country has drastically shifted from an attitude of “Protecting & Serving” the general public, to being uniformed collection agents for the local government.

We are not trying to eliminate the police officers, just shift them back to their original design. Our local government has become dependent on the funding generated from fines for traffic violations. Having our communities dependent on citizens breaking the law is absurd. Our officers have so many revenue demands placed upon them (quotas) that they have little, if any, time for any crime prevention services. We need our officers back in our neighborhoods patrolling the streets, thereby detouring break-ins, thefts, and abductions.

We understand the need for maintaining safe roadways. Issuing fines for traffic violations assists in doing so. The problem arises in the fact that, it is now a very profitable way for the local government to collect revenue. Our valuable resource of officers, who should be overseeing the safe keeping of our neighborhoods, where we live and raise our children, are being taken away from the citizens. They are being dispatched onto highways to collect revenue. Well we have had enough and are demanding that we get our officers back where we need them.

Individually, we will not be able to generate the changes needed, but a group of individuals working collectively can change the world. We are seeking the collective help from each of you to make this focus shift a reality. If you would like to join us, or if you would just like more information, please email us, at the address listed at the top


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