REAL ESTATE "BOB Davis" IS A FRAUD to this community

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Why would the Highline Meadows Condo Asscosition allow a LLC company be formed by this indivial using the Highline Meadows name?

How is it that this group has a "WD" Warranty Deed listed on the Arapahoe county records site for the unit at 209 east highline Circle #208 which was sold through Real Estate Bob Davis?

Why is Real EState "BOB DAVIS" selling to a "FAT CAT" and what is "HIGHLINE MEADOWS LLC"?

How did this person own this unit as Highline Meadows LLC and is there any relationship between this LLC and the Highline Meadows Condo Association?

Why does Henry Gordon have any interest in Highline Meadows?

See all the facts;
1) ID Number 20091222485 Henry Gordon  Highline Meadows, LLC
2) Lawyers at 1660 17th street for LLC Formation
3) Araphoe County Parcel Search Ownership -209 East Highline Cir #208 by Highline Meadows LLC
4) Henry Gordon Residence valued at 1.7 Million Dollars in Cherry Hills
5) Original "Highline Meadows Association" formed in 1978 records

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For years "Real Estate Bob" or Bob Davis has been seeling units in this complex and solicatating his services with the blessing of the Board and TMMC at this complex.

He must work side by side TMMC, it would seem, as he gets to sell units at high prices and his only competition is HUD.

WE are wondering if Real Estate BOB is disclosing all he knows about the financial status and condition of the complex like roofs being shot, asbestos and a new large assessmenst to be enforced in the future.

He is setting himself up to be sued if he is not disclosing what he knows about this complex so he can make a quick sale to an unlucky uninformed buyer.

"Beware of Real Estate BOB Davis and his tricks of smoke and mirrors

Real Estate BOB is selling units in this complex without possibly informing the buyers of such things as the Asbesto's, roofs, our debt and upcoming special assessments.

He should be banned from selling Highline Meadows and possibly reported to the real Estate Board for review of his recent actions with this Highline Meadows LLC.

"You can pull the wool over the eyes of sheep but eventually the sheep will have to shake their heads moving the shame to see the truth"


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