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The Board of directors has put the burden of Non-Paying Dead Beats and Insurance premiums on this Community.

Its is very obvious that they would rather slam us with ever increasing assessments and each year keep raising the operating budget.

Last year the the Budget was 553K and we found all kind of holes in it. That's why we called for an audit. Plain and simple we really want to know where the money is going.

Why did your Budget increase this year to 750K for another 200K without any capitol repairs planned? Why do they now need an additional 250K for us to pay for Dead Beats and Insurance Premiums.

You will pay over a million dollars this year which is almost twice as last year and you will get nothing!


NO Improvements
NO Painting
NO Beautification
NO Roof Replacements
Another Special Assessment
Wasted Spending-YES

Do you know our insurance company? Why have the Board of Directors allowed the Wiring in the town homes to increase our insurance.

Did we really pay someone million dollars for a slip and fall? Why cant the two maintenance personnel get in this place early to clean the sidewalks after it snows?

Why do we keep paying TMMC money each and every year and get nothing?

If things are so bad why cant we change them? We need to come together!!!

This community better wake up soon and smell the coffee because it is obvious you are being taken to the cleaners.

We are not the gold standard nor can we afford this Government like spending without getting this place fixed and looking better.

We need to ''CUT COST'' now or we will all continue to pay for nothing because that's what you are getting!

Look at Building 50 that had the fire and an insurance claim of 327K. Do you really think the roofs should be leaking and why would we have doors that don't even close correctly after spending that kind of money? Windows that are not painted and smoke alarms that don't work?

Do you really think all that money went into that building that went on fire?

Why would the sprinklers be left wide open to the elements when we spent 35K in the last three years for repairs.

Why did we pay 12K for pool maintenance last year? I thought we have two maintenance men?

Why is your money not being put into beautification. Is the Board of Directors allowing this community to look so run down? Do they want to replace everything and sent you the bill? Do they have a massive Assessment coming soon?

Why do we still need to contract work out to other companies when we have two maintenance men?

Where is the money from internal condo repairs that our maintenance men do that is billable?

How much does TMMC Pad each contractor or us when doing any work? How much are they getting in kickbacks?

When have the maintenance personnel painted something?

Why are maintenance repairs left unfinished?

What is the best thing about your Board of Directors?

What is the Best thing about TMMC?

Why cant we cut some cost instead of raising them year after year and get nothing in return? Just drive around your community and ask yourself if we are really getting a good deal.

You are the ones paying and its your money thats being wasted.

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RE: Smell the Coffee

You sue the Association (basically suing yourself because you are a member of the Association)which will raise our insurance premium because the insurance company will pay the costs for the attorney, then wonder why our costs our going up. Slap yourself in the forehead dummy and get a clue.
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Did you see the roof Restoration quote of around $14,000 for one Condo Building Roof.

IT's Your money that has been wasted and is still being wasted. Its is Your Money that they are wasting without fixing the roofs and  painting this place on the Exterior for years now!!!

Go ahead and continue to let this Board of Director ruin Highline Meadows!!!!You will have to pay for their incompetence! So get ready to get out your wallet for a 3-4 Million Dollar assessment

Why are these people still not fixing the roofs and not trying to cut cost. DO NOT Believe the Budget because it is Unaudited and cannot be trusted along with TMMC and this Board of Directors.

They spent 80K in Roof repairs and thousands in other leak related repairs.... but the Board of Directors is still wasting our money on paying two maintenance people and buying snow removal tools (23K) and working on the garbage dumpsters.

Wake up and smell the coffee before you are again taken to the cleaners.

It is obvious that they are not fixing the roofs because it is self serving to there (TMMC and Board of Directors) cause of wasting our money. If they fixed the roofs we would not need them anymore.

Look at the video; It is not the "FAULT OF OUR LIFE"


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