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''Nosiy Neighbors''

Posted in: Cambridge
What's with the ''Noisy Neighbors'' in Cambridge? What you can't stay out of everybodys bussiness. Why are you all worried about what goes on in other peoples home that you have to go tell everybody at the meetings. What if we went and told your busniess. And believe me we probably know more of what's going on in your house then you do because people out here talk so much. And another thing STOP CALLING THE POLICE SO MUCH ON THE KIDS OUT HERE LEAVE THEM ALONE!!!!
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I'm sure no ADULTS care about what goes on in your house, but once it effects the whole neighborhood its everyone's business! I was at the meeting and only violations of the covenant were discussed. And once ''THE KIDS'' or their actions effect the quality, beauty and value of this neighborhood its everyone's business and something has to be done.

By A.C.

I agree, I too atteneded the meeting and personal business was not a topic I recall. However, the issue of children was! It is common sense to believe when children are left with nothing to do and the parents lack of presence, mischeif is going to take place. The statement about calling the police and leave the kids alone, bothered me. I speak for myself, but if these kids had RESPECT for ADULTS maybe the police would not be called so much. I have encountered more than once, a teenager walking down the middle of the road, who acts if though I should drive around them. Think what you will, but I would consider this a lack of respect AND common sense.
I also recall an incident where about 6 teenagers were walking passed my house and literally left garbage in the road. When addressed, it was confirmed that at least two of the children were from this neighborhood. When I asked if their mom would appreciate the same type of garbage in front of their house, I was blown off.
Don't mistake my reply, THERE ARE GOOD KIDS. However, think about when you were a teenager, you most likely acted a whole lot different when your folks were around compared to hanging with your friends.
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