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I am Christina Huntley and I have been appointed by the Cambridge Board of Directors to serve as the HOA President. I would like to say Thank You for giving me the opportunity to serve ALL of the Cambridge residents. One of the main things I wish to achieve is to make Cambridge the best community in Augusta. I wish for a safe clean, comfortable community. I also ask that everyone come to the meetings so you can stay informed and inform the BOD and HOA officers of any concerns, comments or questions you may have. I also encourage any renters to please come to the meetings, you are a part of this community as well. Our BOD is made up of a wonderful group of people and if I am unable to answer a question I am certain that they will know the answer. Again Thank You and I am looking forward to serving this community.
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Chrissy, we are so honored that you accepted the position. You have always demonstrated a true interest in the welfare of this community and it's homeowners. This is why the Board of Directors chose you to serve as our Association President. I know that you will do wonderfully. You will learn alot over the next few months, and as you learn, you will grow. The Association needs more people like you who are driven by the determination to make their enviroment a safe and happy one to raise their families, enjoy their golden years, and everything in between. Thank you for serving your community. Blessings, Carla
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Congrads. I know this position can be challenging as well as stressful at times, but I am postivie you will overcome all this situations and shine like a star. You have an excellent support staff from the BOD as well as the committee members. I know with your determination you will bring other residents to get involved in our community. I support you 100% in making our neighborhood the BEST of Augusta. Please let me know if you need any help or need any volunteers.


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