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Internet Explorer Settings

I like to run my computer's IE settings very restrictive with customized settings for trusted sites and other selections within the Advanced Tab. I know this provides less than the full internet... more
Started: February 13th 2006Replies: 1

How to ????

S'pose I want to read blogs from my 'puter. How do I set up a reader to get all my stuff ? Those orange xml boxes are confusing me. By B-Tree -ite more
Started: November 15th 2005Replies: 3

That Orange XML clickthingy

Hey.... Ya know those blog things and that newly everpresent orange XML box ya supposed to click on ? What to do with that thang ? Click on it and it shows a lot of html stuff. ''They'' say to copy it... more
Started: November 15th 2005Replies: 3
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