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School Profile: Hillsdale Elementary

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Hillsdale Elementary is located at 6469 Guthrie Way, North Highlands, CA 95660-3995. The contact phone number is (916) 566-1860. It has a student/teacher ratio of 20.25.

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  • Students per Grade

  • Students and Teachers

  • School District: Rio Linda Union Elementary
  • Grade Range: KG - 6
  • Students: 405
  • Teachers (FTE): 20
  • Student/Teacher Ratio: 20.25
  • Title I eligible: Yes

Map of Hillsdale Elementary

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Aero Haven Elementary
5450 Georgia Dr.
North Highlands, CA 95660
(916) 566-1800
Creative Connections Arts Academy
7201 Arutas Dr.
North Highlands, CA 95660
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Frederick Joyce Elementary
6050 Watt Ave.
North Highlands, CA 95660
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Kohler Elementary
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Larchmont Elementary
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Madison Elementary
5241 Harrison St.
North Highlands, CA 95660
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Oakdale Elementary
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Oliver Wendell Holmes Elementary
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North Highlands, CA 95660
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Sierra View Elementary
3638 Bainbridge Dr.
North Highlands, CA 95660
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Village Elementary
6845 Larchmont Dr.
North Highlands, CA 95660
(916) 566-1970
Warren A. Allison Elementary
4315 Don Julio Blvd.
North Highlands, CA 95660
(916) 566-1810
Middle Schools
Don Julio Junior High
6444 Walerga Rd.
North Highlands, CA 95660
(916) 286-1800
Miles P. Richmond
4330 Keema Ave.
North Highlands, CA 95660
(916) 286-5095
High Schools
Futures High
3701 Stephens Dr.
North Highlands, CA 95660
(916) 286-1902
Highlands High
6601 Guthrie Way
North Highlands, CA 95660
(916) 286-1701
Pacific High
3800 Bolivar Ave.
North Highlands, CA 95660
(916) 286-1970
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