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School Profile: Rock River High School

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Rock River High School is located at 262 North Morris, Rock River, WY 82083-0128. The contact phone number is (307) 378-2271. It has a student/teacher ratio of 5.21.

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  • Students per Grade

  • Students and Teachers

  • School District: Albany County School District #1
  • Grade Range: 9 - 12
  • Students: 37
  • Teachers (FTE): 7.1
  • Student/Teacher Ratio: 5.21
  • Title I eligible: No

Map of Rock River High School

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Primary Schools
Centennial Elementary
2771 Us Highway 130
Centennial, WY 82055
(307) 745-9585
Cozy Hollow Elementary
666 Albany County Road #727
Rock River, WY 82083
(307) 378-2271
Elk Mountain Elementary
202 Veterans
Elk Mountain, WY 82324
(307) 348-7731
River Bridge Elementary
Garrett Route
Rock River, WY 82083
(307) 378-2271
Rock River Elementary
262 North Morris
Rock River, WY 82083
(307) 378-2271
Middle Schools
Rock River Junior High School
262 North Morris
Rock River, WY 82083
(307) 378-2271
Other Schools
Uw Laboratory School
Education Building, Uw Campus
Laramie, WY 82071
(307) 766-2155
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