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Fifty Years...And Counting!

Our family moved into South Oakwood-Brookhaven in 1961 when ''white flight'' was in full effect. When the dust settled around 1966, we had a 95%+ African-American working class community that endures to this day.

...Rooted in the Community...

Two generations of Revere Elementary School graduates live in our house.

Some of us remember when ''Rob's Spot-Lite Foods'' was ''Tolliver's''.

Now, we have to remember when it was open :-(

Some of us remember the big snow of 1967 -- up to our chests! ... Others remember the big snow of 1998-99 -- up to our chins!!

Do you remember...?

...And Still Going On Strong

We're here for the long haul. So, we want ours to be a safe, clean and livable neighborhood; a good place to live and to grow up; a good place to call home.

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