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Scott and Jocelyn moved to the neighborhood in November of 2000. After adding some decorative landscaping and outdoor structures, we got married in our backyard in September of 2001. Honora, now 3, arrived in June of 2003 and Liaden, now 1, was born on Easter Day in 2005. Now our yard has more play equipment than lovely landscaping!

My neighbor, my friend.

We really enjoy the friendly community and hanging out with our new friends. It is exciting to see more young families move into this neighborhood. Having a neighbor kid mow our lawn, trading plants with my next door neighbor and getting treats from several nearby families during the holidays really makes our family feel like we fit in and are welcome. While we've met quite a few of our neighbors around us, we hope to continue meeting more! Stop and say hello if you see us in the yard while out on your walk. Hope to see everyone at this year's picnic!

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