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My Roommate and I have been working hard renovating our house, since the first day we moved-in. Getting the house to this stage has taken all our weekends, days-off and evenings after work. In addition to a great deal of money.

Right now, we are working to improve the back yard. we intend to put a couple of fauntains and a BBQ. So our friends can enjoy our company in a proper setting when visiting with us during the summer time.

I was working on the front of the house (you can see that I was painting the front gate) when JOSE, the President of our Neighborhood Association dropped by to say hello, to deliver the copy of our newsletter (I have it in my hands) and to take the pictures that you see in this website.

Please, come by and take a look at our house. We think it is turning to be beautiful and great. Off course, we are making all the work. So what else can I say. So come by and judge by yourself.

Your neighbor on Castle Avenue.

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