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The Organizing of FOX CANYON

The creation of a new and distinct sub-neighborhood at the birth of a Neighborhood Association.

Before 1997, the area that we now know as Fox Canyon was once a closed neighborhood. Frequented and inhabited by a few but highly noticeable drug lords, pushers/users, and some very tenacious prostitutes operating out of more than a dozen well known drug-houses.

Groups of men drinking in public sight were the norm. In addition, the Cribbs, Latino and Indochinese gangs were engaged in a constant and deadly fight for territory, using guns, drive-by-shootings, and fighting dogs against each other and against the innocent residents of the area to keep and maintain their gains in turf.

Trash, debris, dirt, and blight were the standard forms of decor on the streets, as well as, graffiti the prevalent art form on our walls. Booming, loud and noisy parties that lasted up to three days in a row were the every weekend tradition to celebrate with gun shootings up into the air, sometimes after mid-night.

Iron bars and heavy metal security doors were the welcome signs to a neighborhood, once, rid with crime. Noise and the constant barking of dogs, day and night, were the first clues as to the quality of life offered in this unnamed and forgotten part of East San Diego.

Fox Canyon came to be when a group of forty-four residents and guest, under the strong leadership of founders Jose Lopez and Carol Sullinger, gathered at the first meeting of the Fox Canyon Neighborhood Association, in October 23, 1997, at the home of Monica Galindo (4894 Lantana Drive).

The members of this newly formed grass-roots neighborhood organization pledged to unite their efforts to take back the neighborhood, house by house, if necessary, from the irresponsible and misbehaving humans that once posed it. The members were then, and are now more than ever, firm in their commitment to work hard, with their volunteer efforts, to improve the environment, the physical conditions, the peace and quiet, and the quality of life, in Fox Canyon.

On December 07, 1997, The Association was introduce and gains recognition, as the only instrument for change in Fox Canyon, from the City Heights Area Planning Committee, under the Chairmanship of Mr. Ed Gorgosian. The Planning Committee was presented with a letter containing a menu of needed or wanted improvements.

The Association is very proud, due to the fact that ALL the planning issues contained in the letter were incorporated in the MID-CITY COMMUNITIES PLAN, approved by the City Council on August 04, 1998, and found on pages 15, 27, 39 and others of the plan. Our entire VISION statement is on page 27 and our Natural Urban Preserve proposal is on page 39, as the "FRIENDS OF MID-CITY CANYONS".

With a $200.00 a month stipend, upon receipts, from a Price Charities grant through the City Heights Town Council, the Neighborhood Association embarked in a long and rocky journey to improve and maintained its service area...and the fight begun!

Since, the founders and the neighborhood association had the honor to give name and identity to an entirely new sub-neighborhood within City Heights. The borders and service area were defined and registered with the City of San Diego LIVABLE NEIGHBORHOODS Program under the direction of Ms. MARY WRIGHT, AICP, now, Principal Planner for City Heights and added to the Mid-City Communities Planning Area, with notice to the City Heights Area Planning Committee.

In September 1998, a group of breakaway members opposing the motion of non-profit filing status and supported morally and financially by the City Heights Town Council, started a power struggle, and later, joined another neighborhood group. The City Heights Town Council then stopped all ties with and the financial support given to the Fox Canyon Neighborhood Association, all together.

Since, the Fox Canyon Neighborhood Association incorporated as a nonprofit corporation with the status of a 501(c)(3) and 23701d. The FCNA is now a California and Federal Tax exempt organization, which in fiscal year 1999 received $8,450.00 in public cash and in-kind donations.
The Fox Canyon Neighborhood Association, Inc is now a totally independent and bonafied Nonprofit Corporation, which STANDS ALONE, as the only neighborhood association servicing the community of Fox Canyon, to make it the community of choice within City Heights.


Fox Canyon, the Community of Choice within CityHeights

"Go forth and build the neighborhood of your dreams; that in doing so, you 'will help decide' the future of the 'City Worthy of Our Affection'", Jose Lopez, President.

We're Just Wild Abour Our Neighborhood!

FOX CANYON a community of small homes on big lots with character and great potential. Which are wrapped around by sprawling lush green canyon. In peaceful isolation but within walking distance of schools, shopping, and the City Heights Urban Village and library.

The Catalyst to improve the 'Hood.

The neighborhood Association is the catalyst to put the NEIGHBORS back into the 'HOOD to affort change, achieve greater peace and quiet, and improve the quality of life for all.

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Fox Canyon Neighborhood Association

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